You’ve Been Cleaning Your Mattress Wrong

how to clean a mattress Dyson
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* Handheld vacuum cleaner with versatile cordless design
* Ideal for cleaning mattresses, upholstery and in-car fabrics
* Eliminate bed bugs, fleas, dust mites and allergens

If you’ve ever wondered how to clean a mattress, wonder no more. The best way is with Dyson’s V6 mattress vacuum cleaner. While a larger household vacuum wouldn’t be able to clean the hard to reach corners of your bed, this cordless vacuum has a powerful and lightweight design to remove dust and allergens where others can’t.

The V6 has been ergonomically designed to offer an easy vacuuming experience. The compact size makes it great for cleaning on top of your mattresses, hard to reach upholstery around the house and around your car seats.

Featuring advanced cyclone technology, the V6 is capable of separating dirt from air, which prevents any clogging of filters, preventing a loss of suction power during use.

Another time and money saving feature is the V6’s bagless design. Once the drum is full of debris and dust, you simply need to pop it open and empty it. Forget the hassle of having to fit and remove bags.

At the business end of the vacuum, you’ll find fine nylon bristles to help disrupt surface dust mite allergens and dirt, as well as a felt strip that helps protect your surfaces during cleaning. In addition, the head pivots to ensure you maintain complete contact with the surface.

Each full charge offers up to 20 minutes of cleaning time using the normal power mode. There’s also a maximum power mode to conquer the toughest of tasks.

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