Here’s How To Get Rid of Soap Scum (and Why You Should Be Doing It More Often)

How to clean soap buildup
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* Soap scum appears as a thin white layer in and around the bathroom
* Left to run wild, it can lead to clogs and bacteria buildups
* These products will help you keep soap scum under control

Aside from accidentally getting it in your eyes, you might think soap has no downside. It leaves you smelling fresh, clean and ready for the day ahead. However, when your soap mixes with hard water, it creates a thin film of white/grey scum that builds up in and around your bathroom.

Left alone, this scum can build up and create more serious problems. In drains, hinges and faucets, this tough-to-shift scum can lead to blockages, while buildups in between tiles and other hard-to-reach places form ideal sites for associated, unwanted bacterial growth.

The good news is that soap scum buildup can be kept under control with regular cleaning. Below you’ll find a range of effective products, like cleaners and scrubbers, for getting rid of any soap scum you may already have. You’ll also find cleaning pads listed so you can stay on top of any future scum appearance.

1. So Clean So Fast Drill Brush

Elbow grease will only get you so far in the fight against soap scum. So, the creators of the So Clean So Fast Drill Brush thought you should be able to turn your DIY drill into a powerful bathroom scrubber. The drill brush bit easily fits into your drill to help you clean at will. It sports strong bristles that remain stable as you remove soap scum, even at the lower drill speeds. The effective and quick cleaning tool can have even the scummiest showers impressively scum-free within 20 minutes.

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2. Krud Kutter Original Concentrated Cleaner

If you’re going to fight bathroom scum buildup, you’re going to need a cleaner in your arsenal. The Krud Kutter Original Concentrated Cleaner is the tool for the job with its ready-to-use formula. Simply spray the non-solvent, non-toxic solution over the area you want to clean and work the soap scum-free. This cleaner is also great for fighting scum around the home and at work.  

how to clean soap scum hard water stains original krud kutter cleaner degreaser Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath

Whether it’s your bathtub, shower or even your kitchen sink, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are made for getting rid of soap scum buildups. Acting up to 3x faster than the average all-purpose spray cleaner, Magic Erasers will save you plenty of time during your weekly clean and require only a dose of water to activate. They are also tough enough to endure a number of uses without losing their durable scrubbing surface. This makes them great for treating all kinds of bathroom scum.

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4. Bio Clean Hard Water Stain Remover

When a product is used by professionals, you know it’s got to be good. Bio Clean is an industrial-strength hard water stain remover that’s free from harmful fumes and unpleasant smells. It’s made to fight all kinds of hard water stains on a range of surfaces, including doors, glass, tile, marble, fiberglass and more. But Bio Clean doesn’t just clean your surfaces. The multi-action remover also leaves a visible seal to keep your home clean up to three months.

how to clean soap scum hard water stains bio clean remover cleaner Image courtesy of Amazon

5. Bring It On Hard Water Stain Remover

Another soap scum stain fighter you might want to include in your cleaning arsenal is the Bring It On Stain Remover. However, this multi-use cleaner isn’t just limited to cleaning soap scum. The solution can take on rust stains, hard water buildups, water stains, grime and calcium deposits. It’s an easy and effective way to breath new life into your stain-filled windows, tiles, stone, kitchens and doors while filling your house with Bring It On’s pleasant minty smell.

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