10 Cooling Products to Help You Avoid a Meltdown This Summer

how to stay cool without ac
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* High temperatures can create short tempers
* 10 effective products to keep you cool even without central AC
* Products include cooling towels and a window air conditioner

As temperatures soar this summer, it might feel like you have no escape from the heat. 100 plus degree temperatures can leave you feeling short-tempered and wishing for the cold to return. However, there are plenty of ways to fight back against the heat and keep yourself cool during the dog days of summer – even if you don’t have central AC. From cooling towels to a bed jet that delivers cool air right between the sheets, make sure you’re ready for the hotter months with these ten cooling hacks.

1. SYOURSELF Cooling Towel

You can continuously fight the heat with an SYOURSELF cooling towel . To activate the cooling effect, all you have to do is soak the towel in water before wringing it out. The towel is ideal for wrapping around your neck or head to cool you down after being in the sun or after workouts. It can also be used to keep your pets cool during the warm weather.

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2. Security Portable Mini Fan

This portable mini fan is ideal for keeping you cool wherever you are. Whether it’s at the office, living room or the park, the lightweight cooling device sports an easy-to-carry silicone handle and a lanyard. Plus, the fan features a rechargeable battery that can be filled using the included USB cable. The device can operate up to 4 hours on a single charge. 

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3. EasyAcc Necklace Fan

The EasyAcc Fan is a versatile cooling device that can go anywhere with you using the removable lanyard. It can also be fixed on any flat surface with the built-in base. To ensure you get the most cooling action in either setup, the fan features 3-speed settings and an adjustable, 180-degree rotating head. That way, the fan head is always pointing exactly where you want it to. Its rechargeable lithium battery has a 2600mAh capacity  offers up to 18 hours of continuous use of a single charge.

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4. MIRACOL Hydration Backpack

It’s important to stay hydrated during the warmer weather. That’s why the MIRACOL Hydration Backpack is a handy item to have around. The lightweight backpack includes a 2-liter water bladder with a convenient drinking straw. It’s ideal for activities like running, cycling or days out at the park. In addition, the backpack is made from a durable material, which acts as thermal insulation to keep your liquids cool for up to 4 hours. Plus, the pack sports pockets and an elasticated cable for storing essential belongings like your wallet, smartphone and snacks.

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5. Classic Brands Double-Sided Pillow

Even on the warmest nights, ensure your sleep remains cool and comfortable with the Classic Brands Double-Sided Pillow . On one side, you’ll find a cool gel memory foam layer that helps to regulate temperature while promoting airflow and redirecting heat during the night. On the other side, there’s soft memory foam to support your neck and shoulders. 

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6. Cool Downz Cooling Bandana

Whether you’re heading out for a run or simply chilling out as you catch some rays, the Cool Downz bandana and neck wrap delivers a dose of coolness to keep you sane in the heat. The cooling effect is activated by soaking the wrap in water for 10-15 minutes before applying it to your skin for up to 4 hours of comfort. Once the wrap has lost its desired effect, simply re-soak it and enjoy the cooling feeling again and again.

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7. FlexiFreeze Ice Vest

If you want to ensure you stay cool whilst you are out and about, try the FlexiFreeze Ice Vest . With a zip or velcro closure, this complete vest uses 96 ice cubes made from pure water to deliver one of the most effective body core cooling options on our list. To provide the most comfortable fit, the vest is adjustable in four locations. It’s also machine washable after you remove the ice cubes.

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8. Outlast All Season Mattress Pad

One of the hardest things during the hot weather is achieving a comfortable night’s rest. The Outlast Mattress Pad helps absorb, store and release heat when required in order to leave you at an optimal sleeping temperature throughout the night. For maximum comfort, the pad has a 350 thread count and a 100% cotton sateen weave. This is also a great option for people who experience night sweats and for couples who often find themselves incompatible due to sleeping temperature differences.

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9. hOmeLabs Window Air Conditioner

It’s one of the most obvious ways to combat the heat, and for those who are looking to remain indoors, it’s undoubtedly the best (as long as you have a window to the outside). This hOmeLabs air conditioner can cool indoor spaces up to 150 square feet and features 7 different speeds to keep you at nice and cool. It’s able to cool down your space in as little as 10 minutes and includes a bracket, covers, foam and a filter for easy installation in your window of choice.

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10. BedJet V2 Climate Comfort

Have you ever considered cooling your bed instead of your whole room? The BedJet V2 delivers air directly under your covers using an air outflow tube. When the temperatures are soaring outside, simply switch on the BedJet and enjoy a cooling breeze right between your sheets while you sleep. The silent system gives out a gentle stream of air, which helps to wick away body heat and prevent uncomfortable sweating during the night. It can also be used to keep you warm during the winter months, too. The BedJet is a great way to say goodbye to cold feet and save money on cooling the whole house during the night.

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