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Move Over Man Caves: 7 Essential Items For Your She Shed

* The she shed is the female version to the man cave
* 7 she shed essentials to make your space extra comfortable
* Give your shed personality with entrance mats, coffee mugs and pot stands

It seems strange that for so long the man cave has gone unparalleled. But alas, the female revolution has come, and the rise of the so-called  “she shed,” or “babe cave” is upon us. If you have ever found yourself wondering why it’s acceptable for your male partner to have alone time in his man cave while your free space options are limited to the other rooms of the house, your time has come.

She sheds offer women the opportunity to have a place of their own. These sheds represent peace and quiet and a retreat from day-to-day life. Many women have also found that these retreats provide an ideal area for hobbies, like early morning yoga, horticulture or even just sitting down with a good book.

To get your she shed in tip top condition, decorate it to fit your style. Below, you’ll find 7 essentials that no she shed should be without. From a welcoming doormat to a stylish mister for your plants, each one of these fabulous additions will help to make your special place just that little bit more luxurious.

1. TrimbleCrafts Welcome To My She Shed Sign

If you’re going to build a she shed, it’s important that visitors and everyone around understand exactly what it is. These stylish

signs are ideal for providing a pleasant greeting to all. The signs are available in a choice of antique white or black and are made to order. Each one also comes with a fabric hanger attached to the back, so you can hang it on doors or walls without a problem.

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2. Urban Outfitters Glass Plant Mister

Having a floral theme is a great way to embrace the nature surrounding your she shed. The quirky piece is created from a glass container into which a metal push down spraying mechanism is inserted. Forget boring watering cans, and try something with a little more pep in the tank.

Lazy loaded image
Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters[/caption]


3. Bubble Pop Shop Interior Designer Coffee Mug

This fun mug is great for all she shed fans alike, whether you have already have your own space or simply dream of creating one. The white mug features the wording, “Screw The Castle, I Want A She Shed.” It makes a fun gift for female friends and family who live in the realities of day-to-day life. The mug is made from tough ceramic and is printed on both sides, so it can be enjoyed by both left and right-handed sippers.


4. She Sheds: A Room of Your Own

provides inspiration for starting your she shed adventure. Inside, you’ll find a range of over 100 photos to get your creative juices flowing and create a space to keep you sane. See some of the best she sheds from across the country, and gather plenty of ideas to make a modern she shed. Plus, you’ll find expert tips on up-cycling and maximizing the use of green resources.


5. Cattiy The Babe Cave Entrance Doormat

Another way to welcome visitors to your she shed is this Cattiy Doormat. With its simple “The Babe Cave” wording, your guests are sure to know what your space is all about. The doormat is made from a stain-proof and fade-resistant material that’ll keep your she shed dirt-free. For those who like the sentiment but don’t fancy a doormat, this product can also be ordered as a wall hanging.

[caption id="attachment_104421" align="aligncenter" width="741"]she shed essential items to build tranquil space babe cave welcome mat Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


6. Magshion Flower Pot Shelf Stand

Shelves don’t always have to work horizontally. The

features a vertical design that’s great for minimizing the amount of space potted plants take up. Alternatively, they allow you to double or triple the number of shelves in your shed to give you a mighty collection of plant life. If you aren’t into greenery, the stands are also great for holding other items within your shed, like keepsakes and nicknacks.


7. Flash Furniture 4 Piece Hercules Colorburst Series Sedona Coral Metal Folding Chairs

Make sure you have plenty of space for your visitors to sit with a set of

. The 4-piece set is available in a range of colors to match every she shed interior, including the fun coral hue pictured below. The chairs feature a double braced frame that can be easily collapsed when not in use, helping to save space inside your she shed. They are also great for the outside area too, so warm and cool days alike can be spent chilling out with friends in your special place.