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These Handheld Laser Scissors Belong in Your DIY Tool Kit

* Cutting in a straight line isn’t always as easy as it sounds
* These high-quality laser scissors provide a straight line laser guide
* They sport easy-to-grip handles and are ideal for paper, fabrics and more

“Just cut from there to there in a straight line.” It certainly sounds like an easy instruction to follow. But the reality is, when the scissors are in your hands and you’re halfway through, it’s extremely easy to take a slightly wrong turn and end up with a completely crooked line. The fix? You could mark your paper or material before you cut, or you could invest in

and learn how to properly cut in a straight line.

The unique design of these cutting utensils sport a built-in, battery-powered laser, which produces a perfectly straight guiding line for you to follow when cutting. No matter what you’re cutting, you’ll be able to cut along the line to ensure you have a straight line. It really couldn’t be much easier.

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The blades on these scissors are made from tough, stainless steel for a strong and clean cut whether you’re cutting through paper, fabric or any other material. You’ll also find the laser light features two adjustment screws, which allow you to aim the laser in the exact direction you need it. The batteries for the laser are included.

In addition, to maximize your comfort whilst cutting, these scissors have easy-to-grip handles. Plus at 8 and a half inches long, they are larger than your average pair of scissors, making staying comfortable and in control as you cut an easy task.

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The high-quality build and intelligent design mean these scissors are a great addition to any home sewing kit or office. In addition, they are a great gift idea for any friends, partners or family members who love crafting and DIY projects.


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