College Checklist: The Ultimate SPY Guide to Dorm Room Essentials

college checklist dorm room guide
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* Make the most of your dorm room space this fall
* Small space storage options to pint sized dishwashers
* Hacks for any small living spaces and with roommates

It is officially back-to-college season. So say hello again to early classes, term papers and of course, new dorm rooms (and roommates). Whether you’re a freshman or soon-to-be college graduate, there’s no better time to deck out your dorm or tiny studio apartment out than right now. It’s your home away from home so why not make the best of it? Check out this ultimate guide for creative hacks and space-saving items to enhance your dorm room.


How to Stop Hating Your Housemates


When you live with housemates, it’s the little things that wear you down and make ultimately lead you to feel resentful. Thankfully there are a handful of products that can help prevent (or mend) a rift between housemates by making your home fit for multiple people. Below are five of our favorites for fixing age-old housemate problems.

Marpac White Noise Sound Machine Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

Home Harmony: 5 Things to Help You Stop Hating Your Housemates


Under Bed Storage


Steal some extra room around the house by maximizing your space under the bed. We’ve compiled a list of the best quality and most efficient storage options to provide you with an easy way to clear out those space killing items.

Khandro Zippered Bag Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

Space Savers: 8 Under Bed Storage Options for Stashing Your Stuff


Working Out in Small Spaces


Whether you’re moving into a dorm room in the fall or live in small studio apartment, you can still have an effective workout with just a few feet to spare. With the right fitness “equipment,” you can perform a wide range of cardio, resistance, yoga and even interval training workouts, even when space is limited. Find out how in the link below.

Adjustable Jump Rope Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

Workout in a Small Space: 7 Items You Need to Get Your Sweat On


The Best Closet Organizers for Small Spaces


Dorm rooms, college apartments, and studio apartments are all known for being tight spaces to inhabit, but these closet organizers help you maximize the tiny amount of room you do have. See our favorite options in the link below.

Axis International 8-in-1 Hanger Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

Student Storage: The 8 Best Closet Organizers for Small Spaces


Hacks to Make the Most of Tiny Dorm Rooms


Whether you’re heading off to college for the first time or you’ve just moved into a tiny studio apartment, living in a small space can be quite a challenge. Make the most of the space that you do have with thoughtful interior design decisions that will save you space. These space-saving decor items will make your smaller living area feel cozy – not cramped.

Ira Hanging Planter Urban Outfitters Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters

6 Hacks For Making The Most of Tiny Studios & Dorm Rooms


This Mini Dishwasher Fits On Your Countertop


Having a dishwasher isn’t absolutely essential, but it sure makes your life a whole lot easier. At barely 21 inches long, this tiny dishwasher fits almost any kitchen countertop and takes up very little space. What’s more, with an impressive storage capacity that equals six full tablespaces, you’ll have no problem keeping your sink clean.

h0meLabs Countertop Dishwasher Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

This Mini Dishwasher Is Smaller Than A Microwave and Fits On Your Countertop


This Tiny Laundry Machine Will Wash & Dry Your Clothes


The lightweight Mini Twin Tub washing machine can wash and dry loads at the same time. Move clothes straight from the washer to the spinner, or run both simultaneously to save even more time. Find out more details and shop in the link below.

Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine Super Deal Image courtesy of Amazon

This Laundry Machine Will Wash & Dry Your Clothes At The Same Time


The Best Mirrors for Compact Spaces


Whether you’re moving into a dorm or need to maximize your current set-up (room, office, studio apartment, etc.), these luxe mirrors are ideal for those small spaces where you can’t fit a huge, full-length option. Many of them even offer additional storage space for accessories and valuables.

Round Brass Mirror Target Image courtesy of Target

Mirror Mirror on the (Small) Wall: 5 Best Mirrors for Compact Spaces


Deck Out Your Dorm for Under $50


Whether it’s your first year in college or your last, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll want to decorate your home away from home. Give your classmates dorm room envy with these 10 stylish and practical ways to deck out your digs for under $50.

Shaggy Rug by Fut Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

Dorm Room Detail: 10 Ways to Deck Out Your Dorm for Under $50