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SPY Guide: How to “Dry Clean” Clothes at Home

* Dry cleaning is a cinch with this at-home option
* Deodorizes, cleans, and de-wrinkles in just 20 minutes
* Safe on more fabrics including cashmere and silk

What could be more convenient and easy than a way to dry clean and refresh your clothes in the comfort of your own home? Woolite has come up with a solution to the hassle of dealing with “dry clean only” clothing with their

. These offer an easy way to clean and refresh your delicate clothing and intimates at your leisure.

Woolite uses advanced cleaning technology and your own dryer to gently and safely clean, deodorize and relax wrinkles without shrinking, stretching or fading. Safe for use on the most delicate of fabrics (read: cashmere), this bag-free cleaner allows dirt and lint to collect in the dryer filter and not on your clothes all in 20 minutes.


The best part about this product is that you can dry clean anything at any time, saving you precious time from having to drive to and from the dry cleaners. Plus with over 10+ uses per box, you will also save a significant amount of money. While this product is ideal for your home dryer, it’s also a great option to take with you when traveling, so as to avoid running around trying to find a dry cleaner at a moment’s notice.