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Get These $10 Jumbo Clips To Prevent Your Towel or Laundry From Ever Slipping Off Your Chair Again

* These jumbo clips help keep your laundry secure
* They also work great at keeping towels in place
* Made of durable PP plastic, they won’t snap easily

While we can all agree on our mutual hatred of laundry, few brands are offering suggestions on what to do with your laundry when it’s in that middle stage – post-clean and pre-closet. These handy jumbo clips will keep your clothes secure on that “resting” chair (or hanging outside), without causing them to fall precariously to the floor and become dirty again.

Each pack comes with sixteen clips, and they also work great to keep towels secure and dry (say, when you’re at the beach or by the pool). Made of PP plastic with zinc galvanized steel hinges, they’re also sturdier than most standard clips, so you don’t have to worry about them snapping. The zinc galvanization also means they won’t rust if they get wet, or left out in the rain.

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These handy clips are also lightweight, which makes them easy to throw in your suitcase when travelling, and use to keep your clothes organized. Make the most of the last days of warm weather by hanging your larger items, like sheets and duvet covers, out to air dry. It’s also a more environmentally friendly approach to laundry.

The clips measure approximately 4.7 inches in length, and carry a 4.3 star review from more than a hundred satisfied customers, who have also used the clips to hold items in place for home reno projects, when hemming clothing and to seal off bags and packages.