Unless You Own One of These Items, You’ve Been Drying Your Socks Wrong

how to wash socks in washer
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* Keep socks properly paired together
* Easily find and organize your socks
* Extend the life of every pair

It’s no mystery that socks get lost in the dryer. But, this wouldn’t be the stereotype if more people knew how to dry their socks properly. And, if they had the proper tools to do it. Like these…

1. Helping Hand Sock Locks, 48-count

You know how the Buddy System keeps kids from getting lost on field trips? Helping Hand Sock Locks operate on the same principle. They pair your socks together to prevent you from losing them in the dryer so you don’t have to suffer from Single Sock Syndrome.


2. Sock Dock

The Sock Dock is brilliant. First, because it keeps your sock paired with its mate. Second, because it keeps all your socks organized IN the dryer. Then when it’s finished tumbling you can take it straight from the dryer and hang it up in your closet. No more trying to pair separated socks out of the basket.


3. Handy Laundry Laundry Lingerie Bags, 4-pack

Socks are delicate. And, these Handy Laundry Laundry Lingerie Bags protect socks as they tumble around in the wash. The bags are durable and made of washable mesh. Naturally, they hold and protect other delicates too, such as underwear, bras, baby items, and more.


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