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How to Fix Scuffs & Nicks in Furniture in Just Minutes

* Every home gets unsightly cracks, scuffs and nicks
* Most people assume any fix involves professional-level handicraft
* These 5 easy-to-use products cover scuffs, cracks and chips

Every home eventually has them. Nicks, cracks and chips can make furniture unsightly. Whether caused by your rowdy kids, they appeared after a raging party or you nicked a piece of wood while cleaning, these marks don’t disappear by themselves. Plus, more often than not, they appear like a problem that’s too difficult to fix without professional help.

But we’re here to tell you it’s not as difficult as it may appear. We’ve put together a few of the most handy house-fixing hacks, which will allow you to renew your walls, doors, tables, chairs and more. What’s even better is these fixes don’t require a high level of understanding and can be purchased and used by almost anyone.

So if you find yourself staring at that chip on the wall and wondering whether this is all too good to be true, now’s the time to learn how to fix scratches at home.

1. Guardsman Wood Touch-Up Markers

Got nicks in your furniture? Color them in. It may seem too simple, but it works. Inside this pack of

, you’ll find 3 wood colored markers: light, medium and dark. To use them, simply match the color with your nicked furniture and color it in in seconds. They are quick drying and produce no mess, which means it’s easy for anyone to use the markers. In addition, the ink features UV absorbers to help prevent fading over time. The markers can be used on a range of furniture, including doors, floors, paneling, cabinets and more.

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2. Soto Touch Up Paint


makes it easy to give your walls a fresh new look without having to paint the whole lot. The handy touch-up lid brush makes removing even the smallest of scuffs a simple task. There’s a range of 9 shades of white available to ensure you have the exact match for your walls. The paint can be used on a range of surfaces, including walls, trims, doors, cabinets and more. Furthermore, this product is non-toxic, low odor and solvent-free for those who are chemically sensitive.

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3. Erase-A-Hole Wall Repair Putty

You may not remember or even know how it got there, but it’s amazing how often small holes or dents can appear in walls. Luckily,

was made for dealing with these holes quickly and easily. The process is as simple as applying the putty to the hole, scraping the finish flush using the lid, dusting the excess smooth and then painting over the dried putty to leave an unblemished wall. This is a great go-to fix for homeowners, students or renters.  

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4. MagicEzy Tile Fix

Cracked tiles are a nightmare and most often leave you feeling like the only fix is to replace the whole thing. However, with MagicEzy Tile Fix, it’s actually possible to use structural grade adhesive to repair cracks and chips in one simple application. There are a range of color options to ensure the fix color matches your existing tiles. Plus, it can also be used on ceramics, stone, laminate, wood and more. It’s also important to note that the tile fix requires nothing more than a toothpick and hairdryer.

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5. American Standard Enamel Touch-Up Paint


is another option for fixing cracks, chips and scratches in your tiles and porcelain fixtures. It’s great for bathtubs, showers and sinks and will leave previously noticeable blemishes invisible. It’s an ideal addition for homeowners and building professionals alike as the process is simple, yet the finish is impressive. Inside each pot, you’ll get enough paint for several applications, allowing you to fix a number of items.

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