8 Simple Hacks For Dealing With Pet Hair

get rid pet hair
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* Dealing with pet hair can be an expensive and may involve pricey grooming
* With the right equipment, home grooming is quick and simple
* The right products also make keeping your home fur-free a breeze

Grooming your pets can be an expensive business. Regular trips to the groomers certainly start to add up. However, home grooming has a number of problems in itself. Living spaces and furniture can become filled with pet hair, and correctly grooming your pet isn’t always as easy as it sounds. But, the alternative is not grooming your pet at all, and this results in masses of hair on your clothes and furniture. It might seem like a bad situation all around, but help is at hand.

To help you solve the problems of hair in your house and hair on your animals in a single step, we’ve put together a list of the best products for a problem-free pet grooming experience. In addition, we’ve added some of the best ways to keep your home fur-free at the same time

It’s important to note that your pet’s breed and age can have a large impact on the frequency and necessity of grooming. Generally, the longer your dog’s hair, the more often you should be grooming.

1. Pets&Goods Pet Grooming Brush

Turn bath time into fun time with this Pets&Goods brush. The soft nubs on the face provide a gentle massage for your pets while also working to remove loose hair and dirt. It can be used on dogs, cats, horses and all hairy animals alike, and the brush also sports a handy loop handle to keep you in control at all times.

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2. Billy and Paws Pet Hair Remover

Collect all that unwanted pet hair easily and quickly using the Billy and Paws Hair Remover. As you pass the brush over any surface, against the grain, it will pick up any loose hair sitting on your furniture or clothes, leaving them clean and hair-free. To add to the convenience of this hair remover, it’s double sided for twice as much coverage, and it comes with its own cleaning base. The pack also contains a handy, travel-size cleaning brush.

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3. BAODATUI Dog Brush

If you’ve ever had a wire grooming brush for your pets, you’ll already know that using such a device presents a great opportunity for stabbing your fingers. That’s not the case with the BAODATUI Dog Brush. What makes this brush ideal is its intelligent self-cleaning system. With one click of the button, it will remove any pet hair clogging the bristles, so you never need worry about your fingers again. In addition, the durable brush sports an ergonomic handle and comfortable grip.

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4. Hometall Pet Grooming Gloves

A simple alternative to the more traditional grooming brushes is grooming gloves. Just like most brushes, they feature soft rubber tips for easy pet hair removal. However, instead of the somewhat unnatural feel of a brush, the gloves make your pet think you’re petting them as you work away their loose hair. The gloves feature a velcro strap for keeping them nice and secure. Plus, this pair has a mesh backing for ventilation and maximum comfort during use.

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5. Evriholder FURemover Broom

The Evriholder FURemover Broom is a straightforward way to clear loose hair from your carpeted, hardwood and tiled floors. The simple design features a head full of natural, rubber bristles that attract loose pet hair. In addition, the handle boasts a telescopic element, so you can make the broom comfortable, no matter how tall you are. As an added bonus, the broom’s head also has a built-in squeegee for window cleaning and floor spills.

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6. RUBOLD Dematting Tool

Whether it’s your pet’s hair or yours, matting is never a fun experience. However, it’s possible to counter this horrible problem using the RUBOLD dematting tool. This dual-headed device is designed for dematting alone and boasts the ability to clear all mats and tangles. The tool is also waterproof, ergonomically designed and precise during use.

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7. Lilly Brush Be Forever Furless

Another quick and easy option for getting your furniture free from pet hair is the Lilly Brush Be Forever Furless. As the name suggests, this specially designed product sports nylon bristles that are ideal for picking up loose hairs on surfaces, including fine silks, cashmere and other delicate fabrics. The thin style and ergonomic handle also make the brush simple to clean and comfortable to hold during use.

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8. ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover

Cleaning pet hair is not a job that you want to take a long time, and so speed is a real bonus. That’s why the ChomChom Pet Hair Remover is a great choice. By utilizing the cleaning speed of rolling, the intelligent design allows you to cover a greater area more quickly than the more common handled brush design. It’s great on beds, couches, blankets and other household furniture items. You also don’t have to worry about batteries as it runs on human power and can be easily cleaned by emptying the purpose-made dust receptacle.  

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