Use These Hidden Safes To Hide Your Money (Before You Take It To The Bank)

Use These Hidden Safes To Hide
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Keeping your valuables safe in your house gives you peace of mind, but turning your home in Fort Knox may not be the aesthetic that you’re going for. Having large home safes are great for things like documents and valuables, but not everyone has enough room to store a safe in their closet. Or, you may only need something small that can hold a handful of cash.

Walking around with large amounts of cash in your wallet can be asking for trouble. There’s the risk of dropping your wallet and losing your money, or having someone spot your large wad of cash when you are accessing your wallet while in public. Maybe you own a home business and handle cash frequently and need to keep it on hand at home. Whatever your reason for having a large amount of cash on hand, the important thing is to keep it safe. Since we can’t always get to the bank in a short amount of time, keeping your cash safe at home is important.

Whether you are living with roommates, or want to have a reserve of cash on hand that is private and secret, investing in a hidden safe is an easy way to help you sleep at night knowing that your money won’t end up in the wrong hands.

Hidden safes, which are discrete safes that can be stored out in the open without raising suspicion, are the perfect alternative to holding cash in your wallet or investing in an over-sized metal safe. They can help avoid unpleasant conversations with roommates (no one wants to have the ‘I don’t trust you’ talk) and they can be an easy way to secretly store cash that you want to use to get your partner a surprise gift that won’t show up on the credit card bill.

It may seem contradictory to store your valuable goods out in the open, but the obvious spot is often the last place people look.


1. Picture Frame Diversion Safe

Picture your valuables hiding in plain sight with this charming and clever Picture Frame Diversion Safe. With an interior safe that measures 5 ¾” x 7 ¾” x 1.3”, the safe is big enough to hide cash, jewelry, passports, USBs, and more. The most important feature of a hidden safe is that it doesn’t look like a safe, which is why we love this chic picture frame with the hidden purpose. Customers love that the 5×7″ frame blends perfectly with their decor and is easy to access.

Picture Frame Diversion Safe

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2. JSSMT Book Safe with Combination Lock

In 2019, most people use their phones or computers to look up words, making a large dictionary one of the best places to hide your valuables in plain sight. There’s little chance anyone will be interested in picking up your dictionary to browse through, making it a great option for hiding your valuables. Available in three colors and two sizes with an interior storage space of 6.5″ x 4.3″ x 1.6″ or 9.2″ x 5.7″ x 1.6″, the dictionary safe also comes with a built-in three-code combination lock, so even if someone does find your secret hiding spot, they still can’t access your goods. The dictionary safe’s unassuming exterior and added security measure make it a favorite among customers.

JSSMT Book Safe with Combination Lock

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3. Southern Homewares SH-10206 Hair Brush Secret

With a secret compartment that’s big enough to fit cash, medication or jewelry, the Southern Homewares SH-10206 Hair Brush Secret is perfect for anyone looking to hide a small amount of valuables. With the inside measuring 4.25″ x 1.14″ x 1.14″, the Hair Brush Secret is the smallest of the hidden safes, but perfect for anyone who only needs to hide a handful of cash. The safe functions as a real brush and is ideal for people with roommates or students living in a dorm who don’t want to leave cash or small valuables out in the open.

Southern Homewares SH-10206 Hair Brush Secret

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4. Magho Plastic Wall Clock With Secret Compartment

Boasting an impressive amount of storage space for your valuables, the 10″ x 3″ Magho Plastic Wall Clock With Secret Compartment is a great option for anyone who needs to store a number of valuables in one spot. The large clock, which runs on 1 AA battery, can hold cash, jewelry, medication, credit cards and more, but it’s important to note that the items should be light.

Magho Plastic Wall Clock With Secret Compartment

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