Super Script: 9 Essential Items for Learning Calligraphy Under $20

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* Learn the ancient form of calligraphy for under $20
* An affordable and fun hobby for everyone in the family
* Design your own artwork, invitations, letters and more

More and more people are turning to creative outlets for relaxation and reflection. We’ve seen the increase in popularity of adult coloring books, but the ancient art form of calligraphy has always remained a favorite thanks to its versatility, beauty and affordability. Anyone – young and old – can enjoy calligraphy, and aside from its aesthetic quality, calligraphy is known to be good for your mental health and is an affordable hobby that lets your creativity shine. It’s also a great skill to learn, to personalize cards, thank you notes, gift tags, invites and more.

Here are 9 essential items for learning calligraphy under $20.

1. “Calligraphy for Kids” by Eleanor Winters

This kid-friendly guide to calligraphy comes complete with everything you need to craft colorful and stunning artwork. Whether used in class, art school or as a gift for a young creative, this set will be enjoyed by children of all ages as they explore their creative skills thanks to its easy-to-follow instructions.

Calligraphy for Kids by Eleanor Winters Image courtesy of Amazon

Calligraphy for Kids by Eleanor Winters

$6.79 $9.95 32% OFF


2. 2-Color Calligraphy Pen Set by Pilot

Complete with two ink cartridges (black and red), this pen set boasts a unique “parallel plate” nib technology that allows you to produce clearer, sharper writing for a beautiful graduated effect compared to other pens. The set also comes with a converter, nib cleaner and instruction booklet.

2-Color Calligraphy Pen Set by Pilot Image courtesy of Amazon

2-Color Calligraphy Pen Set by Pilot

$6.89 $10.49 34% OFF


3. Studio Series Calligraphy Paper Pad by Peter Pauper Press

Aspiring calligraphers can build their skill by practicing their lettering on this artist-grade calligraphy paper. Constructed with heavyweight papers for no bleed-through, this horizontal pad comes with 50 sheets of calligraphy paper and features a pre-printed grid for slanted lettering.

Studio Series Calligraphy Paper Pad Image courtesy of Amazon

Studio Series Calligraphy Paper Pad by Peter Pauper Press



4. Calligraphy Pad by Strathmore

Practice makes perfect and you’ll be able to achieve calligraphy confidence with this natural white paper calligraphy pad. It offers an ideal surface texture for smooth ink flow and uninterrupted penmanship.

Strathmore Calligraphy Pad Image courtesy of Amazon

Calligraphy Pad by Strathmore



5. Calligraphy Set by Speedball

Ideal for beginners, this introductory calligraphy and lettering kit will help you refine your calligraphy skills. The set contains (1) Super Black India ink; (1) Speedball Pen Nib Holder and (3) C Style Pen Nibs. The triple-reservoir design on each nib allows you to practice and hone your art work with smooth, uninterrupted ink flow.

Speedball Calligraphy Set Image courtesy of Amazon

Calligraphy Set by Speedball

$12.99 $14.70 12% OFF


6. “Learn Calligraphy” by Margaret Shepherd

In her #1 bestselling book, Margaret Shepherd, America’s premier calligrapher, takes readers on a journey through the elegant form of calligraphy. Shepherd explores the rich tradition of hand-lettering and gives detailed technical advice on choosing everything from pens and papers to setting up your workspace. Her easy-to-follow instructions will help you develop a new appreciation for lettering while you unleash your own creative personality.

Learn Calligraphy- The Complete Book of Lettering and Design by Margaret Shepherd Image courtesy of Amazon

Learn Calligraphy by Margaret Shepherd

$12.99 $18.99 32% OFF


7. “Modern Calligraphy” by Molly Suber Thorpe

Author Molly Suber Thorpe, an award-winning designer and calligrapher based in Los Angeles, breaks down the key fundamentals of understanding script calligraphy. From learning the basics like which paper and ink to use, to forming letters and words using Thorpe’s clear step-by-step instructions, this informative book gives an in-depth look into the practice of calligraphy and is an inspirational source for future calligraphers.

Modern Calligraphy- Everything You Need to Know to Get Started in Script Calligraphy by Molly Suber Thorpe Image courtesy of Amazon

Modern Calligraphy by Molly Suber Thorpe

$22.00 $24.99 12% OFF


8. Memory System Calligraphy Markers by Zig

From wedding invitations to post cards, you’ll create colorful and captivating work of art with these calligraphy markers. Ideal for making stunning letters, borders and designs, this set includes eight markers in assorted colors each with dual tip of narrow and broad ends.

Zig Memory System Calligraphy Markers Image courtesy of Amazon

Memory System Calligraphy Markers by Zig



9. “The Ultimate Brush Lettering Guide” by Peggy Dean

Whether you’re a seasoned letterer or a beginner who hasn’t even held a brush pen, “The Ultimate Brush Lettering Guide” has something for everyone. The fun and educational book covers everything from the important basics to creative step-by-step DIY projects. By the end of this book, you’ll be able impress family and friends with your one-of-a-kind art work.

The Ultimate Brush Lettering Guide- A Complete Step-by-Step Creative Workbook to Jump Start Modern Calligraphy Skills by Peggy Dean Image courtesy of Amazon

The Ultimate Brush Lettering Guide by Peggy Dean


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