Folding at Home: 9 Essential Items for Learning Origami

9 Essential Items for Learning Origami
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* Origami is the ancient Japanese folk-art of paper folding
* With just a sheet of  paper and simple instructions, you can make almost anything your heart desires
* Continue reading for our fun books, paper and organizers to get you started 

Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. It remains a rewarding and fascinating hobby for young and old alike, and has helped teach patience, accuracy and concentration.

We have found 9 essential items to help you get started on your origami journey with easy to read instruction manuals, perfectly cut and colorful paper, a fun fiction book for younger children and an organizer to store all your paper accessories.

1. Fun With Origami: 17 Projects and 24 Sheets of Origami Paper

Fun With Origami: 17 Easy Projects is an easy-to-follow introduction guide that offers origami enthusiasts 17 different projects which have been pre-tested and graded according to difficulty. Included with the book is a supply of authentic origami paper in 12 different colors.

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2. Easy Origami

Easy Origami is a collection of 32 simple projects for novice origami enthusiasts that are clearly illustrated with easy instructions for even beginner paper crafters. Subjects range from an ultra simple hat, cup and pin wheel to more challenging animal figurines.

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3. Japanese Origami Folding Paper Box

Hold, protect and organize your unique origami paper perfectly with this Japanese origami case which holds 400 sheets of 6-inch paper.

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4. The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

“The Strange Case of Origami Yoda” is book one in a series of best-selling books focusing on a unique take on the art of origami. This book centers on a sixth-grade glass and the greatness that sometimes comes in unlikely packages.

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5. 50 Vivid Colors of Origami Paper

This pack of origami paper features 200 single sheets of paper in 50 bright and vivid colors, perfect for arts and crafts projects. These brightly colored sheets of paper can help children get to know and distinguish between colors as well.

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6. Japanese Patterns: Origami Paper in a Box

Origami Paper in a Box is a paper pack overflowing with 192 sheets of 6×6 inch, high-quality origami paper with unique Japanese patterns. This box takes traditional Japanese patterns and transforms them into origami folding paper. Also included is a 32-page instructional book for several projects.

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7. Star Wars Origami

Star Wars Origami marries origami with Star Wars to create 36 paper-folding projects all with the Star Wars fan in mind. Some of the paper folding projects including Boba Fett, Princess Leia, Yoda or R2-D2. This book clearly explains the projects with bright illustrations and the projects range from easy to tricky.

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8. Origami For Kids

Creativity for Kids takes the ancient art of paper folding and simplifies it for kids with easy to follow instructions. Included in the kit are 60 bright neon origami papers and a step by step illustrated, guided tutorial.

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9. Genuine Origami Craze Paper

This is the ultimate origami paper collection. It comes with 500 sheets of premium quality, double-sided paper. 20 vivid colors are represented with an E-Book containing 100 origami design instructions.

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