Better Blooms: 6 Ways To Make Your Flowers Last Longer

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* Most bouquets last one week or less but these hacks extend their freshness
* Keep your flowers fresh using simple household items
* Save money by doing it yourself at home

Everyone loves getting flowers. They’re romantic and they make your home look and smell lovely. It’s even better when those flowers come straight from your garden in the spring and summer. But bouquets tend to wilt and die after only a few days. How can we extend the life of our plants?

Make your next bunch of blooms last longer with one of these 6 hacks. From vodka to aspirin, adding these household products to your display will nearly double the lifespan of your flowers.

1. Cut The Stems

This is probably the tip you were taught by your mom. Always cut the stems of fresh flowers immediately after you get them home. And if you’d like them to last even longer, give them another trim every one or two days. However, to cut through some of those tougher stems, you’ll need a good pair of pruning shears, like these from Fiskars.

These pruning shears have a 4.3 star rating from 2500 online review. The steel blade is guaranteed to stay sharp even after extended use.

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2. Flower Food

You’ve probably noticed the little packets your florist includes with every bouquet. That’s flower food, and adding it to the water in your vase will extend the life of your flowers. But if you want to create your own bunch of flowers from your garden, you’ll need to provide your own flower food. Order Floralife Crystal Clear Flower Food and keep your flowers looking gorgeous longer. One mini pack will add a ton of nutrients to your water to keep your blooms full and fresh.

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3. Use Soda

Have you heard of this life hack? Pour ¼ cup of room temperature soda into your vase full of fresh flowers along with the water. The sugar in the soda will supposedly make your blooms last longer and smell sweeter, too. You can use any lemon-lime soda, but Zevia is a zero calorie option you’ll enjoy drinking, too.

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4. Add Aspirin

Although you may think of tap water as clean, it can contain flower-damaging bacteria. Fighting this bacteria is key to keeping your flowers healthy for as long as possible. A simple hack: simply crush an aspirin and add it to the water in your flower vase. The salicylic acid in the drug will kill any bacteria present, leaving your flowers radiant and healthy.

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5. Get The Right Size Vase

Getting the right size vase is essential to longer-lasting flowers. If your vase is too short, your flowers will start to bend and wilt. If your vase is too tall, your flowers might not have room to breathe and bloom. However, this 9-inch glass vase is the right size for most standard bouquets. (Forgive us for sounding like Goldilocks…)

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6. Vodka Fixes Everything

That vodka in your freezer isn’t just for human consumption. Your flowers would love a sip, too. In fact, vodka is an antibacterial agent that will kill any impurities found in your tap water, leading to healthier blooms. Add a few drops to your display to give your flowers the boost they deserve.

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