Take Your Viewing Experience to the Next Level With These Flat-Screen Mounts

Best Flat-Screen TV Wall Mounts

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Looking for tips on how to mount a flat-screen TV? While most TVs today sport slimmer profiles and sharper colors, everyone knows that the trick to a perfect home setup is finding the right mount. That said, when it comes to buying a TV mount, you have to keep certain things in mind: first, you need to make sure you pick a mount that’s able to accommodate the exact size of your TV. Second, you’ll need to figure out the exact location where you’re placing the mount and how much room you’ll need. (Most flat-screen mounts feature compact swivel designs and retractable arms, giving you the option to fold them up when they’re not in use.) 

Whether you’re looking for stability, flexibility or even portability, the right flat-screen mount helps elevate your viewing experience by setting your TVs at just the right angle. With tons of options that even allow you to angle up and down as well as left and right, there’s way more to picking the right flat-screen mount than you might have realized.

Fortunately, we’ve rounded up the best, most universal wall mounts on Amazon. From mini models to ultra-flexible designs and more, we’ve got just what your TV needs right here. Best of all, they’re all extremely easy to set up.


1. Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Mount


When it comes to TV mounts, it really doesn’t get much better than this option. First off, the mount itself is able to accommodate a wide range of TVs (from 42 inches up to 75 inches). Second, it’s sturdy as hell. With a max weight capacity of 132 pounds (which should cover you with even the heaviest 75-inch screens), it’s easily the most dependable mount on our list. And unlike so many other overly complicated TV mounts, this one’s a breeze to set up. Three easy steps are all that stand between you and your brand-new TV mount.

Mounting Dream Mount Amazon



It’s hard to go wrong with a wall mount that checks all the basics yet still costs less than $20. This Perlesmith model can hold most 26- to 55-inch TVs (though other options are available) and features a smart retractable swivel that makes it easy to perfectly place your screen in virtually any position. Able to hold up to 88 pounds, it may not be as robust as the first model, but hey, most flat-screens today are slimmer, sturdier and much, much lighter than they used to be. As an added bonus, the fuss-free installation process only takes roughly 15 minutes to get everything sorted.

Perlesmith Mount Amazon

3. Everstone Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket for Most 32-80 Inch


Looking to mount your big, bad TV? The Everstone is likely your best bet. Compatible with TVs between 32 and 80 inches, this durable wall mount features a unique tilting knob that lets you easily adjust your TV either five degrees up or 15 degrees down. With a weight capacity of 165 pounds, it’s capable of holding those giant, bulky TVs, and it even comes with a no-questions-asked five-year warranty. All in all, it’s a great larger option for under $25.

Everstone Mount Amazon

4. WALI Articulating TV LCD Monitor Wall Mount


Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten all those small(er) flat screens. This handy mount works with TVs ranging from 13 to 12 inches. While an extension arm is available (for a slightly higher fee), this mount on its own does the job just as well, albeit with a little less pizzaz. Able to hold TVs up to 55 pounds, it features its own built-in tilt that lets you move your tiny telly either three degrees up or 12 degrees down. The slim and minimalist design makes it even easier to place this little mount virtually anywhere in your home.

Wali Mount Amazon

5. USX MOUNT Full Motion TV Wall Mount


OK, granted, at first glance this USX mount may look more like a medieval torture device than a wall mount, but the smart and universal design is sure to take your viewing experience to the next level. It features dual articulating arms and a flexible swivel to help you always position your TV in the ideal spot, regardless of glare. The mount is able to hold TVs between 47 and 84 inches and can carry a max weight of 132 pounds.

USX Mount Amazon

6. AmazonBasics Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount


Last but not least, this Amazon Basics model works with TVs ranging between 12 and 39 inches, making it extremely versatile for smaller TVs. With the option to adjust your TV either 3 degrees up or 15 down, it makes it easier than ever to place your TV at just the right angle. Unlike other mounts, this one has the option to extend up to 16.1 inches from the wall, if you’re looking for an up-close viewing experience. It also features a durable aluminum build to help keep your TV — and your wall — safe and secure.

Amazon Basics Mount Amazon