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I Write About Amazon Deals for a Living: Here’s How To Get the Most Out of Prime Day 2022

As the Site Director at, I always know what’s on sale. My team writes about the best deals from Amazon on a daily basis, and I can tell you off the top of my head where to find the lowest prices on iPads, Samsung TVs and designer menswear. On top of that, for major shopping events like Prime Day and Black Friday, retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Nordstrom will often share private lists of the top deals with commerce publishers like SPY, and so when we tell you about the best Prime Day deals to watch, we aren’t just speculating wildly.

Amazon Prime Day is just days away, and the annual shopping event will take place between July 12-13 in 2022. As we’ve said, everything is about to go on sale, and we’ve been hard at work collecting the best Prime Day deals on headphones, OLED TVs, apparel and footwear and kitchen appliances. Yet because so many products are on sale, major shopping bonanzas like this can often feel overwhelming.

When I share our Prime Day guides with friends and family, they often tell me they don’t need anything on the list. In fact, I often hear that people want to buy something during Prime Day, but they don’t know where to begin.

So to help you make the most of Amazon Prime Day 2022, I wanted to share an insider’s guide to making the most of this shopping event. Follow this advice and you can be sure to save hundreds (or thousands) of dollars. Thanks to record inflation, we highly recommend taking advantage of Amazon Prime Day 2022, and a few simple strategies can help you maximize your savings.


Tip #1: Prime Day Is the Time To Make Big Purchases

If you need to make a big purchase — we’re talking new TVs, refrigerators, lawn mowers, or flagship smartphones — then shopping events like Prime Day and Black Friday are the time to buy. Do you need to replace a worn-out TV? Do you need to upgrade an important appliance? Then we highly recommend planning ahead, picking out a couple of options, and buying them while they’re on sale next week.

Often, Prime Day will include huge discounts on products originally released in 2021 as manufacturers and retailers like Amazon try to eliminate leftover inventory. That means you’ll find massive discounts on vacuums, smartphones, smart refrigerators, and award-winning TVs originally released last year. Check 2021 models to find the biggest discounts.

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Tip #2: Add Items To Your Cart Ahead of Time

If you plan on purchasing something that might sell out during the Prime Day rush, such as a Nintendo Switch console, a MacBook Pro or the new Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone, then be ready to purchase quickly. To do this, we recommend adding the items to your Amazon shopping cart in advance. Once Prime Day starts, all you need to do is complete the checkout process and save.


Tip #3: This Is the Time To Try Out Amazon Prime Services for Free

For the Prime Day season, Amazon is offering free trials and discounts on a variety of its subscription services. You’ll need to be a Prime member to access some of the best Prime Day deals on tech gadgets, so go ahead and sign up for a 30-day free trial if you haven’t already. You can also sign up for a free trial of Prime Video (also for 30 days).

Amazon’s most attractive offer of the moment? Currently, new subscribers can try Amazon Music Unlimited for free for four months. This offer ends when Prime Day does, so you’ve got about three days to activate your free trial.

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Tip #4: This Is the Time To Replace Your Favorite Products

Not finding anything you like on lists of the best Prime Day deals? Instead, make your own list of your favorite products that need to be replaced. Maybe your favorite pair of Nike sneakers are looking a little ragged, or your favorite bottle of perfume is almost empty. During Prime Day, check to see if you can find these specific-to-you items on sale. Remember, even if they aren’t on sale on Amazon, they might be discounted at other retailers, which brings us to our next Prime Day tip…


Tip #5: Don’t Sleep on Prime Day Alternatives

Let’s say you can’t find your favorite cologne, perfume or grooming products on sale at Amazon during Prime Day. That doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. By now, most big retailers have a competing sale during Prime Day, which means you can also find great discounts at sites like Nordstrom, Sephora, Ulta, Saks Fifth Avenue and Walmart. Don’t give up if the item you want isn’t on sale at Amazon; you might be able to find it discounted at the brand’s own online store or another retailer.

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Tip #6: Stock Up on Everyday Household Necessities

During Prime Day, you can find massive $1,000 discounts on new TVs. You can also find huge sales on robot vacuums, Ninja kitchen gadgets, and Keurig coffee makers. However, you’ll also find tens of thousands of discounts on boring, everyday items. Prime Day is also a great time to stock up on household necessities such as laundry detergent, food containers, coffee mugs, cleaning products, razors and shampoo.

We recommend making a list of all the household items you know you’re going to purchase anyway in the next 90 days. During Prime Day, check to see how many of these items are also on sale. By purchasing these items while they’re discounted, you can avoid rising prices from inflation at your local grocery store or drug store.


Tip #7: When Shopping Prime Day Fashion, Look for Basics

Amazon has started selling more designer clothing, and the company recently launched its own eco-friendly clothing line. However, the best Prime Day fashion deals usually include boring basics such as underwear, socks and jeans. Usually, basics from Levi’s, Calvin Klein, and Under Armour are on sale during Prime Day, and that’s where we recommend looking for the best deals on apparel.


Tip #8: Plan Ahead for Prime Day 2022

Already, has put together about a dozen guides to the best deals we expect to see during Prime Day. We highly recommend checking these guides in advance so that you know what to expect during the big event. We’ll also be updating the shopping guides below in real-time during Prime Day, so keep checking back.

For more Prime Day inspiration, we also wanted to share some of the best early deals you can start shopping right away:

Keurig Coffee Makers

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Amazon Echo & Blink Devices

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Amazon Fire TV Omni Series

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iRobot Roomba 692 Robot Vacuums

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Ninja Foodi Appliances

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Courtesy of Amazon