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How To Manage Your Money Without Budgeting (And Three Other Online Courses To Take)

*These Udemy classes offer on-demand tutorials to help you save money
* Classes make it easy to learn on your own — whenever you want
* Choose from different finance courses that are simple to follow

According to The Pew Charitable Trusts, some 80% of Americans are struggling with debt. Unfortunately, that number is only increasing as most salaries today aren’t able to keep up with growing everyday expenses. If you’re one of the millions of Americans struggling with debt, there are simple tools you can employ to help cut costs. For example, Udemy offers dozens of classes on budgeting and money management. Best of all, you can take them at your own pace.

One of their most popular courses, How To Manage Your Money Without Budgeting, offers tried-and-true tips to help you save money without having to stick to a specific budget. Of course, there are tons of other classes as well. Download the materials, watch the tutorials and then complete the courses on your own time, all without having to step into a classroom or lecture.

Whether you need some help getting out of debt or simply want to learn how to be a more savvy saver, here are three of our favorite Udemy courses. All three are very well-reviewed, with thousands of satisfied students.

1. Acorn’s Guide to Personal Finance

A one-hour on-demand video coupled with 21 supplemental resources help you not only take control of your finances but also learn how to grow your income. Tips include how to pay off debt faster, calculating budgets, setting long-term goals and more.

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2. The Complete Personal Finance Course

Need a little help when it comes to saving money? 16 hours of on-demand video help teach the necessary tips to take control of your finances. Easy-to-follow guides help you learn how to budget better by showing you how to save money on groceries, housing expenses, vacationing and more.

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3. Simplify Your Financial Life

Need help creating — and sticking to — a budget? This course shows you how to create a practical budget using easy-to-follow tools and information. Plus, it offers tips on how to better communicate with your spouse vis-à-vis budgeting issues.

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