Keep These 8 Products On-Hand To Keep Your Drains Clog-Free

how to unclog your drain
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* Quickly and easily unclog your drains
* Try one of these before calling the plumber
* Take preemptive measures to keep your drains clog free

Ever notice that your shower or sink is taking longer to drain than usual? Yup, it’s been a while since you unclogged it and god knows what is lurking down there, causing a bottleneck of water up top. It’s time to dive in. Which tools should you use exactly? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Clogged drains aren’t usually something you encounter on an everyday basis, but when one happens to creep up on you, it can really put a damper on things. Rather than live with a clogged shower or sink, check out these quick and easy-to-use products to keep your drains clog free.

Get them now and keep them on-hand for your next plumbing emergency — no frantic calls to the plumber required.


1. Danco Hair Catcher


Isn’t hair the number one cause of clogged drains? Probably. Even if it isn’t, this simple yet effective catcher will dutifully wrangle loose hairs, keeping your drains clog free. Once you see build-up, the design makes it easy to remove hair in one big clump and toss it in the garbage, saving your drain and saving you the hassle of cleaning it out later on.

unclog hair shower Image courtesy of Amazon

Danco Hair Catcher



2. Vastar Drain Snake


If you’ve come across this page because you were searching for ways to unclog your drain, then you should absolutely buy this three-pack of Drain Snakes. These flexible barbed wands will bend and weave with your clogged drain and catch all hair, garbage, gunk and anything else clogging up the pipeline. Whatever is lurking deep within the bowels of your clogged drain will resurface for your viewing (dis)pleasure. So y’know, just remember you were warned.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Vastar Drain Snake

$5.94 $15.99 63% OFF


3. Draino Max Gel Clog Remover


It’s the tried and true formula for drains looking to get un-clogged. Draino’s formula is thick and dissolves even the toughest of clogs quickly, cutting through standing water and other gunk to go straight for the jugular. It’s safe to use on PVC, metal, garbage disposals and septic systems.

You can leave it in your drain overnight for a deep clean or just for the seven minimum minutes needed to make a big difference. Don’t want to mess with rods, wands or get your hands dirty? Let this liquid do the work for you. Note, this formula is better suited for clogs not caused by hair or garbage, but rather dirt or gunk build-up.

Drano Max Gel Courtesy of Amazon

Draino Max Gel Clog Remover

$12.88 $17.05 24% OFF


4. FlexiSnake Drain Weasel


Should your curls be bathroom enemy #1, you might as well have the Drain Weasel waiting in the wings. It comes with five replacement wands that are covered in hundreds of micro hooks, which snap into a spinning handle for all your unclogging needs. It’s got 360 degree rotation to tackle your biggest clogs no matter the source. Simply insert the wand, rotate and remove. Dispose of the head along with whatever ghastly creature you just removed from your drain, and rest assured knowing you’ve got plenty of refills included with your purchase as backup.

Image courtesy of Amazon

FlexiSnake Drain Weasel

$18.95 $19.99 5% OFF


5. Cobra Products Flat Sewer Rod


If you refuse to call a plumber and need a more industrial solution, then a flat sewer rod like this one is your only real option. Shove that rod into your clogged drain and it will break up whatever debris is causing the jam. It’s highly durable, easy to use, has a two-piece adjustable grip handle and a spear-point ball head for diving as deep as possible in the bowels of your sewer system.

Image courtesy of Amazon


Cobra Products Flat Sewer Rod

$61.99 $81.38 24% OFF


6. Toilet Plunger


Nope, plungers don’t just work on toilets — they actually unclog most pipes in your home! They work great on sinks and flat-bottom showers as well.

This one from Clorox comes with its own caddy to protect the cap and allow for easy drying. It’s a durable tool made from the trusted creators of many other cleaning products in your home.

Clorox Toilet Plunger Courtesy of Amazon

Clorox Toilet Plunger



Turbo Snake


This super handy tool is flexible enough to use even with a drain stopper attached and pulls out tough clogs easily. This kit comes with a sink snake, tub and shower snake all of different lengths for effective clearing of all of the pipes in your home.

The Turbo Snake’s Velcro end burrows into and grabs anything blocking your waterway and brings it back up for your disposal and relief.

It also comes with a storage hook for storage between uses and works quickly so there’s no delay in fixing a back up.

Turbo Snake Drain Cleaner Courtesy of Amazon

Turbo Snake



Green Gobbler BIO-Flow Strips


These ultra-concentrated strips have a powerful formula that clean and eat away at organic matter while simultaneously deodorizing your pipes.

Grease, oils, fats and scum all stick to your drain and build up over time. These slow and powerful enzymes will dissolve and eat away at all of the grime until your kitchen sink functions and smells like new.

Drop one stick in, let it slowly dissolve and notice a difference over time. It’s safe to use on all septic systems — even older ones or PVC pipes. Make it a part of your monthly deep-clean routine for the health of you and your septic system.

Green Gobbler Bio-Flow Strips Courtesy of Amazon

Green Gobbler BIO-Flow Strips



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