These 7 Products Will Make Your Bathroom Look Like a 5-Star Hotel

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* Make your bathroom come alive with these luxe touches
* Create a spa-like oasis you can relax in
* Impress your guests with a well-appointed bathroom 

Half of the joy of staying at a 5-star hotel is taking advantage of the great bathroom lighting, the super soft towels, and the spa-like shower head, or soaking it up in the corner end tub that overlooks the city. Coming home after staying at a 5-star resort can sometimes feel like a letdown – make you feel like your home is inadequate.

Fortunately, there are ways to get that hotel experience at home with just a few, simple, affordable hacks. Making these minor upgrades to your bathroom will make you feel like you’re staying at a high-end hotel every day – minus the high-end prices.

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Love it. Send it to the Roosevelt hotel under Lindsey lohan and Anthony Robinson. In Hollywood California
2 years
Lobe it. Send it. But call me first. 323 440 1387

2 years
Love it. Send it to the Roosevelt hotel under Lindsey lohan and Anthony Robinson. In Hollywood California
2 years
Lobe it. Send it. But call me first. 323 440 1387

1. Illuminated Mirror

This illuminated LED mirror creates great bathroom lighting while providing you with the convenience of your reflection. Its modern design and aluminum frame will take your bathroom from average to upscale. This mirror will be great for selfies, and will have all of your house guests asking you where you got this mirror from.

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2. Shower Dispenser

Plastic, colorful shampoo and conditioner bottles can clutter up your shower. It can also clash with your decor, and take away from your shower/bathroom design. This refillable shower dispenser displays your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in a way that looks nice and is easy to access. It holds up to 14 oz, is easy to install and quickly dispenses your in-shower products at the push of a button.

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3. Premium Hotel Quality Towels

After a long hot shower, or relaxing bubble bath, the next best feeling is wrapping your cold wet body in a warm, soft towel – specifically a towel that is good quality, and doesn’t leave lint sticking to you. These premium hotel quality towels imported from Turkey are elegant and lightweight. They absorb moisture quickly, are delicate to touch, and will add a hint of luxury to your bathroom.

Turkish TowelsImage Courtesy of Amazon


4.Mouthwash Caddy

The cooling and refreshing sensation of mouthwash after brushing your teeth in the morning is a great one. The tacky, sticker-filled, clear plastic bottle that holds the mouthwash is not so great. Upgrade your mouthwash with this mouthwash caddy. This dispenser’s pump allows for germ-free, and quick dispensing of your mouthwash. It also comes with 8 cups that make it easy to use for guests.

Mouthwash DispenserImage Courtesy of Amazon


5. Rainfall Shower Head

The quality of a shower head can make or break your shower experience. This one-of-a-kind rainfall shower head, is not only elegant. it also has an extraordinarily high pressure water flow of 2.5 gpm. Its self cleaning silicone jet nozzle and brass finish make it easy to install and maintain. This shower head will instantly upgrade your shower into a luxury, spa-like experience. This shower head will have you looking forward to your daily shower more than ever.

Rainfall Shower HeadImage Courtesy of Amazon


6. Marble Bathroom Accessories

Having a cohesive counter top is the ultimate way to make your bathroom resemble a 5-star hotel bathroom. When you stay at a nice resort, everything matches, from the countertops, to the soap dispensers, to the soap trays. Recreate that cohesiveness with this marble bathroom accessories set. It comes with a round soap dish, a lotion/soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, and two tumblers. This marble set is made out of resin, which allows it to withstand everyday usage without wearing.

Marble Bathroom SetImage Courtesy of Amazon


7. Essential Oil Stick Diffuser

A smelly bathroom is not what comes in mind when you think of luxury. But a bathroom is still a bathroom, which is used for things that sometimes don’t smell like flowers. Keep your bathroom smelling spa-like and fresh at all times with this essential oil stick diffuser. It comes with bamboo rattan reed sticks, essential and fragrance oils, and a glass bottle. It’s flame-free, easy to use and long lasting. This set also comes in over 30 different scents that range from feminine to masculine, allowing you to have each bathroom in your house smell like its own personal oasis.

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