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Here’s How To Use a Drill Press (and The Best Ones To Get)

With more accuracy than a handheld drill and enough strength to cut through plastic, wood and even metal, drill presses are a must-have for any tool shed. Why else do you need one? Let’s explore this must-have for anyone who likes to tackle DIY projects around the house or engage in hobbies that require some light machinery.

Boasting a powerful motor that can handle big jobs, drill presses provide accuracy, with the ability to make identical holes with precise depth and width measurements, something that handheld drills can’t do.

Thanks to their powerful motors, drill presses can be fitted with drill bits that are too big for handheld drills, giving users the ability to cut through materials that would otherwise be too thick.

Drill presses offer an added layer of safety that handheld drills don’t. With a drill press, users can clamp their material tightly, ensuring it doesn’t move during drilling. Most drill presses offer a variety of speeds, which also helps to make drilling safer thanks to the ability to gradually increase the speed of the drill to a setting that is appropriate for the material.

If you want to add speed to your project and get back valuable free time, drill presses are a game changer. With the ability to accurately and safety drill large and uniform holes in a variety of materials, drill presses can make quick work of your DIY project.

Drill presses aren’t just great for drilling, although they excel in that category. Many drill presses are able to be outfitted with various attachments that turn them into motorized sanders and polishers, bringing versatility and functionality that make them a great addition to your workbench and help to offset that costs of adding more tools to your collection, with the drill press doubling as a multi-tool.

Ready to expand your tool shed with a piece of machinery that can handle some serious drilling and offer additional benefits?  We’ve got three great drill presses to check out.

1. SKIL 10-Inch Drill Press

With X2 two-laser beam that allows for precision hole alignment and an adjustable depth stop that enables users to accurately measure even with repeated drilling, the SKIL 10-Inch Drill Press is a great addition to any workbench.

Pros: The 10-inch press offers a ½ chuck for larger pieces of wood, plastic or metal. The work surface can tilt 45 degrees left or right, with a limited three-year warranty removing concerns over breakage or defects in the press. Customers like that the SKIL 10-Inch Drill Press is easy to assemble.

Con: The SKIL 10-Inch Drill Press offers five speeds between 570 and 3,050 RPM, but it’s not as fast as the WEN 5-Speed Drill Press. Some customers also found that the laser didn’t offer enough light and a second overhead light was required for precise drilling.

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2. WEN 5-Speed Drill Press

Able to cut through wood, plastic, and metal, the WEN 5-Speed Drill Press can be customized by height, speed, and angle and has an 8-inch bevel with a ½ inch chuck to handle a wide range of jobs.

Pros: The WEN 5-Speed Drill Press has five speeds, starting at 740 and going to 1100, 1530, 2100, and 3140 RPM, giving it a faster range than the SKIL 10-Inch Drill Press. The spindle can travel two inches and lock in at linear depths to allow for accurate drilling. The table can tilt 45 degrees right and left and the press has a motor of 120V and 60Hz.

Cons: The WEN 5-Speed Drill Press doesn’t have a laser like the SKIL 10-Inch Drill Press and can’t handle items with a diameter greater than 8 inches. Unlike the more expensive WEN models, the 5-Speed doesn’t have a laser readout, a work light, or an extension.

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3. Dremel Rotary Tool Workstation Drill Press

If you’re looking for a drill press, rotary tool holder and flex-shaft tool holder, the Dremel Rotary Tool Workstation Drill Press is all three at an affordable price.

Pros: Ideal for small scale drilling or holding rotary tools up to 90 degrees for polishing, sanding, and buffing, the Dremel Rotary Tool Workstation Drill Press is an affordable and useful multi-tool. The flex shaft holder extends to between 16 and 29 inches and can drill holes in 15-degree increments up to 90 degrees horizontal. It also offers a crow’s nest where extra bits can be stored. The Workstation can be paired with a long list of attachments that are made by Dremel.

Cons: The Dremel Rotary Tool Workstation Drill Press won’t drill holes as large as the WEN 5-Speed Drill Press and SKIL 10-Inch Drill Press or through materials that are as thick. Some customers complained that the drill is crooked when used at a 90-degree angle.

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