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Here’s The Best Way to Wash Your Lingerie and Delicates in The Machine

* Cleaning your bras and lingerie can be tricky and time consuming
* Techniques to make cleaning your delicates easy without hand washing
* Items needed include a detergent, a lingerie washing bag and a bra bag

While hand washing delicates is the safest best if you want to avoid ruining your favorite bra and panties, it’s time consuming and inconvenient. Fortunately, it is possible to use a washing machine if you don’t have the time or the space to hand wash your items. In these cases, make sure you use warm – not hot – water on a gentle cycle with your delicates in a mesh bag. Then, always lay them flat to dry.

For the easiest and simplest way to clean your delicates take a look at these handy washing tools.

1. Gogooda Mesh Laundry Bags

This set of 7 laundry bags have a number of different uses. First and foremost, they be used to house different amounts of lingerie, delicates and bras during washes. In addition, each mesh bag prevents your clothing from tangling or snagging on anything during the wash and also helps prevent colors from running, too. Plus, they can also function as packing bags for trips away.

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2. Queensell Big Bra Wash Bag

With 2 bags specially designed for protecting your bras, the

gives extra long life to your lingerie. This colorful set also comes with a third bag for other delicate items that aren’t bra shaped. In addition, the durable bags are environmentally friendly, feature hanging loops for easy storage and sport rustproof metal heads that won’t snag your clothes during the wash either.

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3. The Laundress Delicate Wash

You need a delicate detergent for your delicate garments, as traditional options may be too harsh for fabrics like silk and lace. That’s why the Laundress Delicate Wash is an ideal choice. The complex solution will clean and preserve your fabrics while removing everyday grime, like sweat, body oils and other stains. 

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