Desk Drills: How to Work Out at the Office

how to work out at work
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* Equipment to keep you active in the office and at your desk
* Ideal for boosting circulation and managing in-office stress
* Choices include an under-the-desk bicycle, a balancing disk or a wrist workout

It’s no secret that spending all day sitting at a desk is not healthy. It can cause a decrease in circulation and a lack of general fitness. But, many jobs require desk time, so it’s a situation that cannot easily be avoided. Fortunately, the idea of staying active at your desk is now increasing in popularity, and many desk workouts have been shown to help with a number of sitting-related problems, like bad backs and poor circulation.

On this office workout list, you’ll find a range of equipment options to get you active during your work day. There’s something for every preference, whether you’d rather be cycling, stretching or on an elliptical machine.  In turn, you’ll burn calories, strengthen your core and relieve office-associated pains.

1. Beauty America Sitting Energy Stepper

The Beauty America Sitting Energy Stepper is a simple way to stay active during your days at a desk. The simple up-down stepper allows you to work your lower legs as you sit. This low-impact workout helps to improve circulation by replicating your normal walking action. It also relieves numbness and swollen feet. Plus, its clever design means it folds flat for easy transportation or storage.   

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2. Gaiam Balance Disc

Strengthen your core by doing nothing more than placing this balancing disk on our desk chair. The jelly-like design allows you to sit comfortably as your core strengthens, posture improves and blood flow increases through constant micro movements caused by having to balance on the disc. It’s great for home and in-office workouts and comes in a choice of grey or wasabi green colors. 

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Gaiam Balance Disc



3. AMYCO Wrist and Strength Exerciser

Increase the strength, power and speed of your wrists using this handy exerciser from Amyco. Whether you’re an athlete looking for an additional way to get your gains during the day or you’re simply looking to stay busy at your desk, this adjustable and lightweight device is the answer. It’s also easy to carry with you wherever you go, which makes it a good travel accessory or gym add-on.

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4. Stamina InStride Folding Cycle

The Stamina InStride Folding Cycle can be an in-office workout for either your arms or your legs. Featuring a lightweight design, anytime you feel the need for a workout, you can simply unfold your cycle and get peddling. The device has several levels of difficulty and sturdy rubber feet along with an electronic monitor to keep tabs on your workout time.

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Stamina InStride Folding Cycle



5. Stamina InMotion Elliptical Trainer

You can choose to elliptical standing or sitting with the Stamina InMotion Elliptical Trainer. You can also pedal forwards or backwards and pick your preferred intensity level using the in-built knob. The electronic monitor allows you to keep tabs on a range of information, including the number of strides you’ve made and the amount of time you’ve spent exercising.

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Stamina InMotion Elliptical Trainer



6. Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

You’ll be able to strengthen your back and core with this balance ball chair. The innovative seat comes in a variety of vibrant colors to match your office interior and features wheeled feet just like a traditional office chair. As you sit, the patented system aligns your spine and encourages circulation throughout the body. You can also choose to remove the balance ball from the frame for your regular workout needs.

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Gaiam Balance Ball Chair



7. HOVR Under Desk Leg Swing

The Hovr Under Desk Leg Swing is probably the most fun you can have without leaving the office. It attaches to the underside of your desk and allows your legs to swing freely, which helps to improve circulation while burning 20% more calories than normal sitting. It has also been shown to improve focus and increase productivity. You can choose between black and blue swings.

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8. FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike With Massage Bar

The ultimate office workout equipment, The FitDesk Exercise Bike is a hybrid of a desk and an exercise bike. The built-for-purpose design gives you a fully adjustable desk surface, allowing you to be comfortable as you work and to workout at the same time. It also provides support for your arms and features a small drawer to keep important desk items or perhaps your phone. To complete your workout, the FitDesk also includes exercise bands that can work your arms whenever they aren’t busy with your computer.

how to work out at work fitdesk exercise bike and massage bar Image courtesy of Amazon