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This Futuristic Levitating Plant Pot is the Coolest Thing in my House

* This plant pot keeps your bonsai plants levitating above the ground
* It delivers a serious “wow” factor and is a great way to impress visitors
* It’s simple to set up and keeps your plant constantly rotating

Wherever you are now, take a look around the room and choose an object. Maybe your TV? A book shelf? Even just a table top bowl for your keys? Now imagine it constantly floating. It may not add any particular function, but it sure does make that ordinary object seem a lot cooler. This very futuristic thinking led to the creation of the


By utilizing magnetic levitation (maglev) suspension technology, this futuristic device is able to keep the supplied plant pot suspended a small distance above the base. The magnetic function requires the pot to be plugged in. In addition to levitation, this pot also keeps your plant moving in a circular motion. And while modest in size, the pot is ideal for housing a whole range of indoor plants, including bonsais, cacti, herbs and more.

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Both the base and plant pot both sport an attractive wood pattern, which blends well with almost every modern interior. It’s ideal for display in most rooms of the house, but if you’re like us, you’ll want it in a high visibility area, like offices and living rooms. The round design is the same on all sides, meaning the pot can sit center stage without the having a bad side. No matter what angle you see it from, it still looks great.

In addition, this unique item makes an ideal gift idea for friends and family who enjoy green space around the home and are open to a little bit of new age technology.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

If you’re tired of the standard, gravity-restricted plant pots, this levitating air bonsai pot definitely boasts a “wow” factor and may be just the thing you’re after to spice up your interiors just in time for spring.


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