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3 Ways Decorating With Indoor Plants Can Improve Your Health

* We already know that spending time in nature can improve our mood and reduce stress
* Research indicates that decorating with indoor plants may mimic the same effect
* Indoor plants can improve air quality and promote better productivity

Indoor plants are not only the latest trend in home decor, but they’re also good for your health and well being. According to a recent study, decorating your space with indoor plants can actually impact mental and physical health. Plus it’s hard to deny their aesthetic quality—they truly bring life into your home, adding an organic touch of nature to any stuffy space. Find out why indoor plants are so good for us, and shop our top picks below.

1. They Improve Air Quality

In the late 1980s NASA conducted studies to test whether or not plants have air-purifying capabilities. The researchers discovered that indoor plants placed in space stations effectively reduced the presence of  formaldehyde, benzene and other indoor pollutants from the air in the chamber. While houseplants won’t have an effect on reducing the amount of secondhand smoke or chemical fumes, the positive link between improvement in air quality and indoor plants is reason enough to start your collection. The best plants for air purifying? The Spider Plant, Golden Othos, Dracaena, and Bamboo.


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2. They Boost Our Mood & Make Us More Productive

A recent study found that having indoor greenery in the workspace can lead to better focus, sharper mental clarity, and an increase in general productivity levels. In fact, the study reported that the employees tested in green workspaces completed tasks about 15% faster without an increase in errors, when compared to the non-plant control. Regardless of whether or not your office is plant-friendly, you can reap the benefits of being more productive at home too. Who knows, you may even get around to do doing that pile of laundry you’ve been avoiding for two weeks with the help of these plants.

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To reap the mood-boosting effects of houseplants, opt for a low-maintenance variety that doesn’t require a lot of attention and that won’t exacerbate symptoms of allergy-sufferers like snake plants, rubber trees (very easy to grow) and peace lilies.


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3. They Might Help Us Heal

Research suggests that indoor plants and flowers may have a positive effect on those recovering from surgery. In one study, patients exposed to flowers and indoor plants needed less pain killers and experienced less anxiety and fatigue than the control group. The connection between spending time in nature and reduced stress levels has long been known, so it makes sense bringing foliage and greenery indoors would likely mimic some of the same effect.

Plants like Aloe Vera have topical healing and soothing powers (hence why it’s used in after-sun products) but it also may help absorb toxins from chemical cleaning products in your home. Unlike many other houseplants, aloe vera actually absorbs carbon dioxide at night and releases oxygen during the day.


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