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A Pixel’s Worth A Thousand Words

* Create your own interactive LED artwork using the app
* You can also choose from over 180 works of art by 12 leading artists
* Mount it to the wall, or prop it on the desk

Artwork in the digital age is a constantly evolving process, continually updating as technology advances. Pixel is a new LED art frame by Open Gadgets, a company that was funded by Kickstarter after it managed to raise over $83,000 with the help of 460 backers. This fun frame allows you to view inspired pixel art using Bluetooth control and an app, which is free for Android.

The frame is accompanied by over 180 unique works of art by 12 pixel artists, but it is also easy to add your own GIF animations to the mix using the app. After you select your preferred work of art, The Pixel can run alone without the assistance of your device. However, if inspiration suddenly strikes, or you want to show off your new decor to friends, you can create works of art on the fly using any image saved as .png. Not content with simple stillness? The app can interact with Twitter feeds or your camera phone to create interactive animations.

Pixel can either be mounted to the wall, or propped up with the included desktop stand. Either way, it will be a great conversation starter the next time your friends come around for dinner — and maybe create some art work of their own.

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