Make Your Child’s Day With The Ultimate Interactive Puppy

Add the Zoomer Interactive Toy Puppy
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* Interactive dog can respond to voice commands and “learn” tricks
* Understands three languages: English, Spanish and French
* Charges with included USB cable

When it comes to your children, finding the right toy can be a daunting, impossible task. In order to keep your kids both stimulated and active, it’s important to choose a toy that your children won’t get tired of right away and is interactive enough for playtime. That’s where Zoomer comes in with the perfect solution. This Interactive Puppy is an excellent addition to your home as a smart, mess-free new best friend for your kids.

With Zoomer’s ability to learn new tricks, including rollover, sit and bark, your children will learn all about welcoming and training the new addition to the family. Zoomer requires all of the discipline of having a real dog without any of the responsibility or chaos, making it easy for you and your home. The interactive dog understands your voice in English, Spanish and French and responds like a real pet with blinking eyes, a moving tail and more.

Interactive Toy Puppy

Zoomer Interactive Puppy

The robotic dog runs on rechargeable batteries, which can easily be charged with the included cable. At just under two pounds, it’s light enough to carry around — say, on a road trip — but not so heavy that it poses a safety threat.

Give your kids the best friend they deserve by bringing home Zoomer. This smart dog is the answer to any child who begs their parents constantly for a new puppy. Also perfect for any children who suffer from allergies or sensitivity to animals’ fur, Zoomer has many benefits as a mechanical dog. Complete with a charging cable, instruction guide and reference guide, you’ll have everything you need with Zoomer to ensure your children have an unforgettable experience with their new “pet.”

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