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Retro Lighting: 6 Vintage-Inspired Marquee Lights

* Marquee lights work as wall hangs or as stand-alones
* Purchase Christmas Tree designs to get in the festive spirit
* They also make excellent housewarming gifts

Whether they’re customized letters hanging on your wall, or funky plant designs littering your patio, marquee lights create a fun, vintage feel in any space. Give one as a housewarming gift, or treat yourself to one of the six creative designs Spy has found.

1. Delicore Tropical Cactus Marquee

This marquee works as a great outdoor light to stand out at your garden parties, or as a funky new addition to your indoor decor. It’s battery-powered, so you don’ have to worry about tripping on wires or finding a free socket.


2. Bright Zeal Home Marquee Light

This marquee light will light your spirits as well, and comes with built-in hooks so it can easily be hung on a wall, or stand alone. Battery powered, it can also be set on an easy timer so it stays lit for six hours and powers off for 18.


3. Christmas Festival Marquee Christmas Tree

Bring in the season with this fun, festive light. Peppered with warm white LED lights, it includes a timer that can be switched on, off or programmed for six hours.


4. Williston Forge Route 66 Marquee Light

A classic road sign, this industrial style marquee is fashioned in a unique shape, and is at home amongst rustic decor or exposed brick. Made of metal, the Route 66 is engraved, so you don’t have to worry about it fading.

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5. Metal and Lights Cursive Marquee Light

Made of torched black iron, this statement marquee light can be handmade into any custom quote. Size is also flexible, so you can customize your marquee for yourself, or as a unique housewarming gift for a friend.


6. Vintage Marquee Lights Letter

For other options in customization, you can choose your letter and have it lit up by this classic light. It makes a great backdrop for party or wedding photos, or as a unique wall-hang.

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Image courtesy of Wayfair[/caption]


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