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This Dreamy Jar Candle Does More Than Light Up A Room

* Hand poured in the USA
* 85 hours of burn time
* Choose from three watercolor jars with scents ranging from tropical to floral

Now you can transport your living space into a dreamy escape thanks to this Watercolor Jar Candle by Capri Blue. With three delectable scents to choose from, you can pick one or all three scented candles to relax and unwind to.

Boasting a gorgeous ocean-blue watercolor design, the Volcano will have you feeling like you’re vacationing on a tropical island with its blend of tropical fruits and sugared citrus; Cactus Flower is packaged in a ultra-chic pink watercolor design with a delicate floral scented blend of peonies and peach; and Modern Mint features awakening scents of freshly blended sweet mint, spearmint and green tea. Each fragrant candle is hand poured and made in the USA.

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Whether it’s a treat for yourself or a gift for family and friends, you’ll be delighted by the candle holder’s vibrant watercolor finish that’s as modern as it is elegant. Measuring at 4 1/2″ x 3 1/2″, you’ll enjoy 85 hours of burn time while adding some artistic appeal to your living spaces.

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After you’ve enjoyed your scented candle(s), you can reuse the jars as decorative pieces for your living room or to add a pop of color to your bathroom or desk space. For earrings, charms and small trinkets, these jars can also be re-purposed as stylish storage for your accessories; and if you like, you can keep the glow alive by adding a tea light candle of your choosing.

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