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Joshua Tree Lovers Need This Michael Aram Vase

* Design inspired by Aram’s trip to Joshua Tree National Park
* Made of nickelplate and natural bronze
* Unique pleats mimic cacti found in desert

Joshua Tree is one of the most mystical and breathtaking natural spots in California. So it made sense that famed metal artist Michael Aram decided to base this vase on a trip he took to this wondrous U.S. National Park.

Lush forests, the golden desert and green hills all make up this vast park that stretches some 790,000 acres. Located away from the hustle and bustle of Southern California, Joshua Tree’s biodiversity attracts tourists from all over the world. Based in New York, Aram was intrigued by the wild plants and expansive desert. Like many who travel to Joshua Tree, Aram felt like he was “on a different planet” with “other-worldly” rocks and peculiar cacti – inspirations clearly seen in this piece.

The vase is a part of a larger collection inspired by mid-century California architecture and the relationship between natural landscape and buildings. Aram crafted this vase from nickelplate and bronze, utilizing traditional design and production techniques. Aram’s work is deliberately unique, and no two pieces are alike. The intention behind his art is to create a “sense of ritual and ceremony” and to make you create a personal connection with the piece.

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