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This Kate Spade Area Rug Adds Abstract Art to Your Home

* New piece from Kate Spade Home Decor collection
* Hand-knotted wool blend rug
* Measures 2 x 3 feet long

Few things add an instant update to your home quite like a gorgeous area rug. While many people switch up the artwork on the walls of their homes every few years for a visual change, switching up the textiles in a room is so much more fun and effective. It’s all about adding new color and texture to the spaces you enjoy the most in your home, and a beautiful rug is the perfect foundation for a fresh new look.

Kate Spade is known for pretty prints, so when the designer ventured into home furnishings we couldn’t wait to see those prints implemented into furniture. You can always count on the Kate Spade collections for classic but modern pieces, so it comes as no surprise that the home decor line is just as chic as the brand’s line of apparel, footwear and accessories.

The “Noho” rug in particular caught our eye because of its versatile colors and design, and the size is perfect for most spaces at a standard two by three feet long. An abstract motif resembling a marble pattern swirls into a seriously stunning area rug that adds instant appeal to any room in your home.

Muted tones of reds, browns, tans, and blues are warming and inviting, easily paired with decorative pillows, drapes and furniture of similar shades. This hand-knotted rug is created in a sturdy wool blend, assuring the best quality textiles that are easy to maintain. Let this rug take center stage, doubling as not just a rug but a gorgeous piece of artwork.

The perfect area rug pulls an entire room together and instantly revamps the space, and this rug by Kate Spade is certainly a sweet contender.

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