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Last Chance: Get 25% Off Keurig’s New Smart Coffee Maker and Other Popular Models

In a surprise fall sale, Keurig is offering 25% off select coffee makers and accessories with the code FALLBREWS. If you’ve been eyeing a Keurig coffee machine since we tested and reviewed all the best Keurig coffeemakers, now is your chance to buy before the deal ends tonight. We love the convenience of Keurig and the smart features their newer models offer, like the ability to start a brew without getting out of bed.

Snag the newest Keurig smart coffee maker or SPY’s best overall pick while they’re on sale.

In addition to the FALLBREWS discount code, Keurig has additional discounts on K-Cups and what the company calls “Starter Bundles,” although those require signing up for a 12-month subscription. Get all the details on these surprise Keurig deals below.


K-Cafe SMART Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Make all your at-home barista dreams come true with this new coffee maker from Keurig. The K-Cafe SMART coffee maker comes with a dishwasher-safe milk frother to assist you in making lattes and cappuccinos that can be enjoyed hot or iced. You can still brew a regular cup of joe with the click of a button, or brew a coffee shot for specialty drinks. It comes with a huge 60 oz. water reservoir that can be easily removed for refilling.

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Courtesy of Keurig

K-Elite Single Serve Coffee Maker

The K-Elite Single Serve Coffee Maker was selected by SPY as the best Keurig coffeemaker. This machine boasts tons of options for customization without overcomplicating the press and brew Keurig process we all know and love. It’s programmable, so you can schedule a brew the night before an early morning meeting to ensure you’ll be out the door on time. You can make iced drinks, as well as hot drinks like coffee, tea and cocoa during the holidays. Hunker down this winter with the K-Elite Single Serve Coffee Maker. You won’t be disappointed.

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Courtesy of Keurig

K-Slim Single Serve Coffee Maker

The K-Slim comes in three color options and is the perfect choice for coffee lovers on a budget. Witha. super slim design, this model is perfect for people with small kitchens or limited counter space. But don’t think this coffee maker sacrifices flavor for size. While this machine may be small, the K-Slim is mighty now that it comes with multi-stream technology to extract the full flavor and aroma of every brew.

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What Makes Keurig Coffeemakers a Great Deal

We’ve tested Keurig coffeemakers and found them to be reliable, efficient and extremely easy to use. They are great for people who are perpetually in a rush and don’t have time to grind beans and brew a batch of drip coffee before running out the door. They are typically a hefty price, so this is a great opportunity to invest in your favorite Keurig coffeemaker without breaking the bank.

Here are some reasons to shop this deal:

  • SPY tested and approved
  • 25% off their original prices
  • Get SPY’s favorite coffee maker for only $120
  • Get something for less than $190 that used to be $250
  • Choose from a variety of colors and models

What We Love About Keurig Coffeemakers

The best Keurig coffeemakers can streamline your morning routine. Their SMART models allow you to schedule a morning brew, or brew from an app allowing you to start your day without even leaving your bed. If you decide on a coffee maker without SMART features, Keurig still makes brewing easy even in your most sleep-deprived state. If you value convenience and coffee, Keurig has the coffee maker for you.

This year, we tested tons of Keurig coffee makers. We judged them based on ease of use, design, taste and other special features. We found Keurig coffee makers to be extremely consistent in terms of temperature, ease-of-use and taste. You’ll always know what you’re getting with a Keurig. These coffee makers are definitely worth the investment.


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