The 11 Best Hooks and Organizers for Storing Your Keys and Essentials

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It may seem like a simple task that has little impact, but the difference between knowing where your keys are and losing time looking for them can be the difference between an early start and a late-to-the-first-meeting kind of day.

One easy way to always know where you put your keys is to install a door-side key organizer. These handy wall-hanging decor pieces allow you to house your keys in the same place every day. Some of these organizers also include cubbies that can be great for mail, as well as shelves for sunglasses, wallets and other everyday carry essentials.

Some of our favorite options also have mirrors, ensuring you won’t have any spinach in your teeth from this morning’s omelet when you’re running out the door. The right key holders can also blend in stylishly with your decor. We’ve put together a range of key holders to help you avoid the nightmare of losing your keys in the future.


1. Yamazaki Smart Magnetic Key Rack With Tray


This key rack comes from Yamazaki, a Japanese brand with a focus on minimalism and organization. This key rack has a magnetic backing, so you can attach it to a metal door if you have one. Otherwise, there are small drill holes that can be used to secure it to a non-magnetic surface. There are six key hooks and a small shelf that can accommodate a couple of pieces of mail or a pair of sunglasses.

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Yamazaki Key Organizer

$20.00 (Sale)

2. Milwood Pines Darley Bamboo Organizer


This option from Milwood Pines is a unique and stylish way to organize your mail and keys. The key hooks are behind the hinged cabinet, similar to the way a valet stand might organize keys. There are six key hooks inside the magnetically closed cabinet. The front part of the cabinet has two slotted shelves for storing mail. The bamboo finish gives it a natural, inviting look.

key holder Image Courtesy of Wayfair

Darley Bamboo Key Organizer


3. Umbra Cubiko Organizer Wall Mirror


This simple and affordable organizer from Umbra includes a shelf, a mirror and five key pegs. The pegs also work well for hats, totes and other hangable essentials. This cleverly designed organizer places the shelf behind the mirror (instead of under it like some organizers do) meaning that whatever you keep there won’t get in the way of the mirror.

key holder Image Courtesy of The Container Store

Umbra Cubiko Key Organizer


4. Urban Outfitters Jamison Bracket Multi-Hook Wall Shelf


This wall shelf from Urban Outfitters has a pleasantly simple and utilitarian look, resembling something you might have seen in a schoolhouse in the 1940s. The lower beam has three hooks for jackets and keys, while the upper slatted shelf can be used for additional storage or as a display shelf.

key holder Image Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Key Organizer


5. Eliana-Lucia Wall Mounted Hook


These simple metal wall hooks have two rows of triangular hooks, with the smaller triangles in front of the larger ones. Only the front row of hooks is functional, meaning that there’s space for up to five keys, hats or umbrellas. The varied triangle shape makes these hooks look somewhat like a mountain range, making this a great addition to a cabin.

key holder Image Courtesy of Wayfair

Latitude Key Organizer


6. Iron Single Arm Twist Screw Wall Hook


If you’d rather take a DIY approach, these hooks are sold individually. That way, you can buy only as many as you need, and arrange them in a way that works best for your space. The wrought iron finish gives these hooks a rugged, industrial look.

key holder Image Courtesy of Wayfair

Three Posts Key Organizer


7. Target Accordion Wall Storage


If you’ve got a lot to store, this accordion-style wall storage unit from Target is a good option. The accordion frame stretches out so you can space the hooks out to fit your space. The brown wood and black hooks give this storage solution a stylish, mid-century modern-inspired look.

key holder Image Courtesy of Target

Target Key Organizer


8. Urban Outfitters Ella Mirror Multi-Hook Wall Shelf


Urban Outfitters brings a breezy bohemian approach to most of their (surprisingly expansive) home offerings, and this wall shelf is no different. The round mirror, natural wood shelf and gold-accented beams add a laid-back touch to your decor. The shelf is considerably longer than others on this list, giving you more space for mail, sunglasses and decor.

key holder Image Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Key Organizer


9. Spectrum Diversified Key Rack


The Spectrum Diversified Key Rack is available in four different colors, including white and chrome, black and chrome and walnut wood with bronze, giving you a range of luxury options when deciding what matches your interior best. The rack itself sports four individual hooks for hanging keys, hats, jewelry and other small items. It also comes with wooden plugs to hide the screw holes.  

key holder best door side wall racks wooden four hooks Image courtesy of Amazon

Spectrum Diversified Key Rack


10. Tescat Magnetic Key Holder


Hanging your keys on a hook is so last century. By harnessing the power of magnets, the Tescat Magnetic Key Holder requires only metallic content to hang your keys, locks and other items. The small, circular magnets can be put wherever is convenient for you, whether that’s by the door, by your bed or even to hold chargers and clips in place at your desk.

key holder best door side wall racks magnetic hooks Image courtesy of Amazon

11. InterDesign Twillo Key Rack


This classy two-in-one item doesn’t just give you an easy way to keep track of your keys, it can also store extra items like your mail, too. Rather than just leaving your envelopes on the table to be lost, this handy shelf lets you put your mail out of the way for later reading. The holder also boasts five individual hooks and comes in several manifestations, including a two-tiered option or a magazine rack.

key holder best door side wall racks twillo mail organizer Image courtesy of Amazon

InterDesign Twillo Key Rack


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