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This $5 Kitchen Gadget is a Game Changer For Egg Afficionados

* A cleaner, quicker egg dish
* Cheap and easy to use
* Seamlessly separates out egg whites

Eggs are one of the most enduringly popular and cheap protein sources, and chefs have developed lots of ways to optimize the humble egg over the years. But this cheap little egg-shaped device just might revolutionize at-home egg use.

What’s the worst thing about making stuff with eggs? The mess, of course, and the mishaps that can arise when it comes to cracking and separating. Especially for egg white recipes that many turn to for a leaner, healthier egg protein dish, the separating process is possibly the most annoying part.

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This genius little egg separator makes quick work of it, though. It balances on the edge of a bowl, pot or frying pan and comes with a ridge at just the right angle for a perfect crack. It also prevents bits of shell from getting into your omelets, pancake batter and scrambles.

Plus, the built-in separator function makes whipping up an egg-white-only breakfast sandwich so much easier. As an added bonus, OXO’s Good Grips egg separator has a cute, egg-shaped design.


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