Growing Garden: The Spigo LED Garden Brings Greenery Indoors

LED indoor plant planter amazon
Image courtesy of Amazon
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* An indoor garden designed to grow herbs and small plants
* Creates an automatic environment for cultivating an indoor garden
* Ideal for city dwellers or anyone who wants to green up their home year-round

If you have a green thumb but your home doesn’t have an outdoor area, try tending an indoor garden instead. The Spigo Indoor Garden provides the ideal environment (automatically) for growing your favorite herbs and small plants within the confines of your home.

The futuristic-looking garden features built-in LED lights, which provide photosynthesis material to your plants on a cycling program. Over the course of 24 hours, the plants receive 8 hours of white light, 8 hours of fuchsia light and 8 hours of darkness to replicate natural conditions. Alternatively, you can choose which light mode you want to keep on by toggling the switch on the side of the device. The Spigo Garden also includes an easy-to-read water gauge that helps you maintain a healthy water level for your plants. There are also holes on top of the garden to allow for excess heat to escape.

4 years
For those of us living in states where marijuana is now legal to grow, would this work...

4 years
For those of us living in states where marijuana is now legal to grow, would this work…
LED indoor plant planter amazonImage courtesy of Amazon

The versatility of the sleek garden makes it ideal for use around the house. It’s also great for other locations, like offices and dorm rooms, and adds a little touch of green wherever it sits. You’ll find that the garden’s friendly size means it can sit on most tabletops, desks and shelves without causing a problem. However, the soil pot’s limited size does mean that it can only accommodate certain small plants. Great choices include herbs like lemon mint, peppermint, thyme, basil and nettles as well as succulents and cacti.

Furthermore, the Spigo Indoor Garden allows you to do so much more than just grow your own plants for enjoyment. Choosing to cultivate your own herbs will save you money on pricey, supermarket herbs. Surrounding yourself with plants also leads to a happier, healthier life.

Whether you buy it for yourself or you gift it to a gardening enthusiast, curious child or chef, the Spigo LED Garden is a fun and easy way to bring spring inside.