Clean Your Dishes With These Scrubbers and Get Rid Of That Nasty “Wet Sponge” Smell Once and For All

kitchen sponge alternatives
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* Kitchen sponge stink is caused by bacteria and can be hard to ignore
* Choosing the right sponge and replacing it regularly helps battle the stench
* These 6 kitchen sponge alternatives fight germs to remain scent-free

It may be one of those things that’s easily forgotten the majority of the time, but as soon as you enter your kitchen and get a whiff of an old, dirty sponge, it’s certainly hard to ignore. What’s worse than the smell is knowing the reason it’s so bad is because your kitchen sponge is filled with bacteria and other unwanted germs.

Regularly replacing your sponge is an effective way to ensure it doesn’t smell bad, but choosing the right kind of sponge will also ensure it remains stench-free. Take a look through our selection of odor-fighting kitchen sponge alternatives and scrubber options to find one that works for you.

1. LiBa Original Safe Scrubber

With its tough build and antimicrobial material, it’s little wonder the LiBa Original Safe Scrubber is such a popular choice. The impressive quality allows it to last up to 7 times longer than your average scrubber or scouring pad while the specialized material keeps it freer from bacteria compared to the average sponge. This pack contains 6 sponges and also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure you’re happy with the standard of scrubbing.

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2. E-Cloth Kitchen Dynamo

Say goodbye to stinky, dirt-filled sponges and hello to the E-Cloth Kitchen Dynam o. This chemical-free cleaning cloth is great for quick and easy around-the-kitchen cleaning. Using nothing more than water from the faucet, you’ll be able to clean your hobs, taps, sink and more. In addition, all of this requires little effort as the extra long fibers work to get into even the hardest to reach places. As an added bonus, these e-cloths are recommended by Allergy UK and remove up to 99% of bacteria as they go.

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3. Outtills Silicone Sponge

Made from high-quality, food-grade silicone, the Outtills Sponge is great for cleaning pots, pans and dishes with ease. The double-sided design features soft and non-abrasive bristles, which work to remove dirt and grime from every surface. The “sponges” are also highly flexible and resistant to temperatures up to 500F. Plus, each sponge includes a hanging loop to make storing and drying your scrubber especially simple. In addition, the versatile sponge can also be used as a hot pad, vegetable scrubber and even as a coaster.

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4. Peachy Clean Antimicrobial Silicone Scrubber

The Peachy Clean Scrubber is another option that utilizes the antimicrobial ability of silicone. It’s close to 100% resistant to mold and mildew and won’t leave your kitchen with that wet sponge smell. The surface of the scrubber is also effective against even the toughest stains but won’t cause scratches or marks on your pots and pans. Inside this pack, you’ll find 3 scrubbers, which also come with a money back guarantee.

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5. Miw Piw Natural Dish Scrubber

If you care about the planet as much as you care about dealing with kitchen sponge stinks, the Miw Piw Natural Dish Scrubber is the answer you’ve been searching for. The scrubber itself is made from 100% loofa veggie, which is breathable, natural and effective as a cleaning option. The complex structure also means it is quick to dry, preventing unwanted bacterial growth. Plus, each scrubber is made from 4 individual layers sewn together, so it’s highly durable, too.

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6. Everest Microbial Defense NoStench Kitchen Sponge

Although it sports a more familiar kitchen sponge appearance, the Everest NoStench Kitchen Sponge boasts a 90 day, stench-free guarantee. It features advanced antimicrobial technology, which is free from poisons and works to kill germs and bacteria. In addition, the high-quality construction means these sponges are built to last. In each 4-pack, you’ll find enough sponges to last up to 1 year.

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