These Kitchen Sponges Do The Dirty Work For You When It Comes To Washing Dishes

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Battling the dishes can be a messy job, but that doesn’t mean your sponge should look like its been through a war. While we do our best to buy only kitchen items that are dishwasher-friendly (and therefore friendly to our hands), some items are either too delicate or too dirty to handle a machine. Enter, the sponge.

Sponges can become tiny islands of mold and mildew on your counter, with the small cleaning tool quickly becoming better at smelling funky than getting caked on food and grease off of the dishes. That’s why we’ve rounded up three great kitchen sponges that can tackle any dish, are easy on the environment, and nice to your nose.

1. Swedish Sponge Cloth

The Swedish Sponge Cloth is a 12-piece set that includes a dozen reusable cloth sponges that naturally eliminate odors. Made from cellulose sponge, these cloths replace 16 paper towel rolls, making them easy on the environment and your bank account. Machine washable and able to absorb 20 times its weight in water, it’s no wonder customers love the Swedish Sponge Clothes.

Swedish Sponge Cloth

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2. Food Safe Silicone Kitchen Sponge and Scrubber

The Food Safe Silicone Kitchen Sponge and Scrubber packs a lot of value into a small sponge. Sold in a pack of three heavy duty sponges, the silicone scrubbers are made with dense bristles that can stand up to any kitchen mess. Comprised of food-grade silicone that blocks out water (which means no dirty buildup that creates mildew), these scrubbers can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher. The scrubbers can even be used to clean fruit and vegetables and as an added bonus, the pack comes with three food grade bowl scrapers to help get pots and pans looking brand new.

Food Safe Silicone Kitchen Sponge and Scrubber

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3. Greenet Cellulose Cleaning Sponges

With the Greenet Cellulose Cleaning Sponges you’re not only cleaning your dishes, you’re also being environmentally friendly. Sold in a pack of 24, these grease and food-fighting sponges are biodegradable and made from 100 per cent plant based wooden pulp. Our team loves that the sponges act like magic erasers on dishes and don’t fill up landfills like most used sponges.

Greenet Cellulose Cleaning Sponges

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