These Whacky Kneeling Desk Chairs Make Good Posture During the Work Day Actually Possible

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We’ve all got a lot going on in life. Trying to do well at work, to maintain relationships, to control our finances, to take care of our families, to eat healthy and . . . is there anything I’m forgetting? Oh yeah, we should be trying to encourage good posture, too. You might be wondering how to make improving your posture an easy part of day-to-day life. Lucky for you, and your back, we have the answer. An easy way to look after your posture, especially when working from home, is with one of the best kneeling chairs.

As the to-do list piles up and your computer screen becomes your regular view during the workday, your posture tends to feel the effects. You probably constantly forget to engage your core, keep both feet on the floor and pull your shoulders away from our ears. An ergonomic office chair can help with this effort, but if you really want to commit and try something new with your WFH setup, a kneeling chair is what you need.

The first kneeling chairs were designed by a Norweigan designer and made of wood. Now, many of the chairs available have a metal frame instead, and some also include other components for comfort, like armrests and backrests. Many of them also have a rocking capability, so you can incorporate movement into your work.

The Benefits of Using a Kneeling Chair

A kneeling desk chair takes the design of a classic office chair and flips it around. You sit on a stool that has shin rests built into the front of it, and the whole thing tips forward, forcing you to rest on your shins throughout the workday. This position may look wildly different than what you’re used to, but it has numerous benefits. Here are a few of them:

  • Posture – Kneeling desk chairs might look weird, but they’re a popular option in the ergonomic workspace world due to the healthy and less strenuous position they put your body into. When sitting in a kneeling chair as opposed to a regular desk chair, the pelvis is tilted forward towards your desk which takes pressure off of your lower back and bottom. The spine is then aligned correctly with your hips, and your body is able to breathe and digest more easily as well.
  • Strength – With consistent use, your core and back will strengthen due to the lack of a backrest to support these muscles.
  • Pain Relief– Kneeling chairs typically create a 110-degree angle with your trunk and thigh as opposed to the standard 90-degree(or smaller) angle that exists when sitting in a standard chair. This position reduces the stress on the discs of your spine, as your weight is more evenly distributed along your back, neck and shoulders. With your spinal column upright and aligned correctly, more oxygenated blood is able to make it to your extremities, reducing pain overall and allowing you to stay focused at work with less pain.

In an already hectic life, a kneeling chair provides an easy way to better your posture and strengthen muscles, while also giving your body a chance to rest and distribute weight elsewhere. We’ve created a list of the best kneeling chairs available to order on the web. If you’re intrigued and want to try one out in your own ergonomic workspace at home or at the office, choose yours from the 15 options below.


1. DRAGONN Kneeling Chair


With over 2,000 reviews and a four out of five rating, the DRAGONN Kneeling Chair is the top rated chair of its kind on Amazon. Its ergonomic design encourages a supportive posture, and the three-inch-thick padded cushions provide comfy rests. The frame is made of durable metal which is strong enough to support 250 pounds and distributes weight evenly between your glutes and legs. A caster wheel is attached on each of the four corners for easy movement throughout the workday. Plus, the seat is height adjustable between 21 inches and 31 inches and designed to suit a wide range of users.

ergonomic kneeling chair, kneeling chair Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Inbox Zero Saddle Kneeling Chair


Take a ride on the Inbox Zero Saddle Kneeling Chair for a comfortable and cost-friendly day in your WFH office. The large black saddle seat is molded to suit body curves and is mounted on a 360-degree swivel joint which allows you to move in all directions. At the base of the aluminum frame is a five-pronged set of durable casters which provide a well-spread distribution of weight for sturdy and free-flowing movement.

best kneeling chair inbox zero saddle Image courtesy of Wayfair


3. Himimi Ergonomic Kneeling Chair


This safe, stable and supportive kneeling chair design is lightweight despite the 250 lb weight capacity so you can easily bright it with you anywhere you go. The chair naturally promotes better posture and less slouching and has a three-inch molded foam cushion that provides support for your knees and shins during the day. This chair can easily change heights for different people and is made with MOULD foam which is much more breathable and comfortable than your standard recycled foam designs.

lightweight kneeling chair Image courtesy of Amazon


4. EMMA + OLIVER Kneeling Chair


The wooden frame of the EMMA + OLIVER Kneeling Chair takes inspiration from the earliest designs of publicly available kneeling chairs. Both the seat and knee rest are upholstered in soft black material filled with fire-resistant foam for an increased sense of safety. Between the two main pieces of wood, which make up the frame, is the height adjusting hinge. This can be screwed left and right to increase or decrease distance.

best kneeling chair emma oliver mobile wooden Image courtesy of Amazon


5. VIVOHOME Kneeling Chair


VIVIHOME Kneeling Chair’s triangular structure makes it extremely strong and able to support a weight of up to 330 pounds. The four-inch-thick memory foam padded cushions are available with either a black, grey, red or white covering to suit the style of your home. Not only is the iron frame of this chair great for strength reasons, but the high quality of the material also ensures a better defense against wear and tear.

vivohome ergonomic kneeling chair Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Master Massage Comfort Kneeling Chair


The PVC material which covers the five-centimeter foam cushions of the Master Massage Kneeling Chair is easy to clean and ideal for hygienic environments, such as spas and massage parlors. You can choose from either a bright cinnamon red color to complement a traditional wooden frame or try blue paired with a white frame. The universal wheels can move in any direction, depending upon where you want to go, and you can lower and flatten the whole seat for easy storage.

kneeling chair, best kneeling chair Image courtesy of Amazon


7. VIVO Kneeling Chair


Gently rock back and forth on the VIVO Kneeling Chair to build your core and strengthen your back. The opportunity for movement when perched on this chair requires engagement from your muscles to stabilize your stance. 20 layers of laser-cut birch wood make up the supportive base frame which can handle up to 242 pounds of weight. Cushioned knee pads are also installed for the correct posture to increase blood flow and oxygen circulation.

vivo wooden rocking kneeling chair Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Flash Furniture Mobile Kneeling Chair


The highly functional and aesthetically pleasing design of the Flash Furniture Kneeling Chair features a wooden structure. The frame’s height is adjustable via knobs on the back, and the wheels have casters, making it easy to move around. It has a firm, supportive padded seat made of two-inch-thick foam covered in breathable fabric. To support your body’s posture in style, get yourself this kneeling chair.

kneeling chair, best kneeling chair Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Boss Office Products Kneeling Stool


To promote even weight distribution and better posture, the ergonomic design of the Boss Office Products Kneeling Stool tilts your pelvis forward. It also has a pneumatic gas lift which makes raising and lowering the seat height an easy task, similar to the most popular office chair designs. The ample cushioning provided by the black fabric seat provides a pleasing level of comfort, and the adjustable knee supports further ensure you can adapt this stool to suit your fit.

kneeling chair, kneeling office chair Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Cinius Kneeling Chair with Back Support


The kicker for the comfort of the Cinius Kneeling Chair with Back Support is the soft fabric covering all the surfaces. You can choose when you’d like the backrest to be in use or not, as it can click in and out of place against you. Three padded cushions are attached to the sturdy rubberwood frame to support your back, glutes and knees. This seat is best suited to those under six feet tall and 200 pounds in weight.

most comfortable kneeling chair Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Symple Stuff Wolfson Kneeling Chair


Many kneeling chairs are designed with an office environment in mind, but the Symple Stuff Wolfson Kneeling Chair is different. The trendy minimalistic design combines a wooden frame and three options of stone-colored upholstery to create a seat that would be a welcome addition in all areas of your home. You can choose from either black, gray or navy to suit your color scheme. Whether you’re working at your desk, watching the television or eating dinner, this kneeling chair is committed to aligning your spine and encouraging better posture.

symple stuff wolfson height adjustable chair Image courtesy of Wayfair


12. SLEEKFORM Austin Kneeling Chair


With four-inch-thick padded cushions to support your shins and butt, the SLEEKFORM Austin Kneeling Chair offers a comfortable seat. The seat can be adjusted between 91 and 119 degrees and is suitable for up to 265 pounds of weight. For ultimate stability, you can remove the two-inch caster wheels. Alternatively, you can keep them in place but use the optional locks to put a hold on their movability.

sleekform kneeling chair Image courtesy of Amazon


13. Symple Stuff Watanabe Kneeling Chair


Without a doubt, the Symple Stuff Watanabe Kneeling Chair has the most professional design on this list. If you’re looking to impress clients both in person and on Zoom, this is the chair you want to be sitting in while working. The premium quality cushions are available in black, blue, red and gray, all of which are supported by a glossy four-pronged metal frame. Plus, the rolling function is fun to use and functional, too.

symple stuff watanabe kneeling chair Image courtesy of Wayfair


14. Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair


That original Norwegian design we mentioned in the beginning? This is it. This is the kneeling chair that was designed by Peter Opsvik in 1979 and is manufactured in Europe. It’s made of high-quality wood with no crossbar and has the ability to rock back and forth. The wood is strong yet flexible and built to last. The design is simple and classic Scandinavian — so your pelvis is tilted slightly forward and muscles engaged to support. This chair encourages active, dynamic movements so your body gets stronger, more supportive and balanced.

original design kneeling chair, best kneeling chair Image courtesy of Amazon


15. Latitude Run Noho Kneeling Chair


The Latitude Run Noho Kneeling Chair is ergonomically designed and features specific supports for your back, glutes and knee muscles. This seat is highly adjustable to ensure it can be adapted to suit your body best and encourage a better posture. Its all-black materials make this kneeling chair a sleek-looking addition to any working environment. We think it’s well worth the splurge.

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