Get Behind the Working from Bed Trend with a Laptop Stand Designed for That Purpose

laptop stand for bed

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Working from home is the new working from the office. And, working from bed is the new working from home. Whether your boss knows it or not, you’ve definitely spent a few days under the comforter since lockdown forced almost all of us out of the office. 

You may only use this bed office space for a day here or there, as a weekend treat or as more of a permanent fixture, but ensuring you have the best laptop stand and set up for working from bed is important for many reasons. For example, the wrong laptop stand can lead to back and neck pain, spilled drinks and spelling mistakes. 

You might think that the best benefits of a laptop stand for bed are all for you. But, actually, these stands are even more important for your laptop. Resting your laptop on your blankets can lead to overheating and all kinds of technical problems. You definitely don’t want to tell the IT guy that you fried your work laptop because you were working in bed. You also don’t want to start a fire on your bed as can (very rarely) happen when a laptop uncontrollably overheats.

When selecting the best laptop stand for you to use in bed, here are a few elements to consider: 

  • Adjustable – Can the laptop stand adjust its height and countertop angle to suit your needs?
  • Material – The material used to make your laptop stand for bed can have a big impact on how it looks, how long it will last and how much it weighs. 
  • Weight – You need to be able to move the desk with ease to get it both into place when you’re settling into work for the day and out of place when you’re ready to leave the bed office for the day.
  • Ventilation – One of the key reasons to invest in a laptop stand for bed is to avoid overheating (of both you and your laptop). Some designs include ventilation holes, while others have built-in fans. 
  • Style – There’s a huge range of laptop desks for bed available, so ensure you find the right one that suits you, your work needs and your home decor. 

We’ve searched through Amazon to find the best laptop stands for bed, so that you can work from the most comfortable place in your house in the most ‘professional’ way.


1. BESIGN Adjustable Standing Bed Desk


If you want to keep it smart and simple in design, then the BESIGN Adjustable Standing Bed Desk is a great place to start. The multifunctional design makes it adaptable to plenty of situations, including being a laptop stand for bed. Its large surface is suitable for both a laptop and a mouse, and you can use the two side locks to ensure the height and angle of the desk are exactly where you need them.

laptop stand for bed besign Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Mind Reader Adjustable 8 Position Laptop Desk


The dual-bolster pillow support of this Mind Reader Adjustable Laptop Desk makes it a comfortable bed laptop stand, whether you’re working or watching entertainment. It has eight different angle options that lock into place for hands-free use and optimal viewing. There’s also an easy pop-up lip that holds the bottom of the laptop or tablet in place for steady use.

laptop stand for bed mind reader Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Superjare Laptop Table for Bed


Work from anywhere, including the bed, with this fold-out, fold-up laptop table. Made of a high-quality aluminium alloy frame with an MDF board, this desk is both lightweight and sturdy. Just unfold the main body, then pull out the foldable legs. The result is a desk, table or serving tray you can use wherever you like. Plus, this stand is available in four attractive colors, from faux wood to pink.

laptop stand for bed superjare Image courtesy of Amazon


4. LapGear Home Office Lap Desk


It’s clear that LapGear knows exactly what’s needed when people want to work from a laptop in bed, on the sofa or anywhere without a desk. This lap desk includes space for a laptop and mouse, and it has a phone slot to ensure your mobile device is never too far away for that business call. The area designated for your mouse also includes an integrated mouse pad, ready for smooth use.

laptop stand for bed lapgear Image courtesy of Amazon


5. LapGear Bed Tray


Do you want breakfast in bed or a laptop in bed? Or both? Taking its style from a traditional food serving piece of equipment, this tray is designed to also be a laptop desk for bed. It’s both unique and full of class. Furthermore, the tray is made with durable bamboo, available in two color options and has a lowered front ledge to improve comfort. There’s also a media bar towards the back to hold your table or phone in place as you read or watch.

laptop stand for bed lapgear media Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Hossejoy Store Foldable Laptop Table


Watch, play and work without leaving your bed thanks to this Hossejoy Store Foldable Laptop Table. Its open edge design makes it adaptable to laptops of all sizes, and there’s enough surface space for your phone, mouse and drink, too. The table has fold-out legs and a flat countertop to allow it to lie flat when not in use for very easy storage.

laptop stand for bed hossejoy Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Ecobambu Laptop Desk Tray


This beautiful bamboo laptop desk for bed from Exobambu is as easy to care for as a quick wipe with a damp cloth. The two flowers hollowed into the surface of the desk allow for heat dissipation to ensure your desk stays cool, and the adjustable tilt ensures a better viewing experience to suit your needs. The legs of the laptop desk spread wide enough that you can put them on either side of your lap, whether you’re in bed, on the sofa or even sitting out in the backyard.

laptop stand for bed ecobambu Image courtesy of Amazon


8. PWR+ Adjustable Rider Laptop Bed Stand


The PWR+ Adjustable Rider Laptop Bed Stand is made from a lightweight, high-strength aluminium. This means it’s easy to carry with you or maneuver from on and off the bed. It has a main tray for a laptop as well as a side tray for a mouse. It can rotate 360 degrees and locks in place at various angles for completely ergonomic use. The zig-zag leg design also means it can quickly collapse for storage.

laptop stand for bed pwr store Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Elekin Folding Multi-Function Laptop Desk


Everyone loves to have their own personalized desk set up in the office, and that doesn’t need to change now just because you’re working from bed. This Elekin Folding Multi-Function Laptop Desk has several storage opportunities along with a media bar and drink holder or pen pot. The front edge of the desk is designed with arm rest for comfortable use, and the curved edges of the desk legs are stabilized with non-slip pads to ensure sturdiness, too.

laptop stand for bed elekin Image courtesy of Amazon


10. TeqHome Laptop Desk


Stay cool with this TeqHome Laptop Desk thanks to its built-in fan. Designed with two quiet, cooling fans, this laptop desk is ready for your long days in the office bed. All you need to do is plug the USB cord into your laptop to turn on the fans. There’s also a built-in adjustable light wand which acts as a table lamp to reduce eye strain. These two features alone make this laptop stand for bed a step above the rest.

laptop stand for bed teqhome Image courtesy of Amazon


11. SAIJI Laptop Bed Tray Desk


The SAIJI Laptop Bed Tray has two auto-lock buttons on each side of the tray to enable quick and easy changes to the height of your desk. In fact, it has five different heights to choose from as well as two clamps that can be used to adjust the surface angle to one of the four available options. A detachable mouse and notebook slip are also included should you need them.

laptop stand for bed saiji Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Cooper Cases PRO Laptop Bed Desk


Work and study like a pro, even from bed, with this Cooper Cases Laptop Desk. The multi-functional design and folding legs along with the adjustable height and tilt angle make this laptop stand for bed adaptable to any work set up. Furthermore, the bed desk boasts an extra large surface complete with an attractive faux-leather finish and is available in either black or white.

laptop stand for bed cooper Image courtesy of Amazon


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