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Man’s Best Friend Deserves a Memory Foam Bed

* Memory foam pet bed to provide the comfort your pets deserve
* Available in multiple sizes for both dogs and cats (small to large)
* Easy to clean surfaces and tear resistant materials

You wouldn’t be caught sleeping on the floor. So why should your dog? Give your pets a slice of luxury with the ultimate memory foam pet bed from PetFusion.

With an attractive and simple design, the Ultimate Pet Bed by PetFusion is made from premium materials that are both water and tear resistant. This makes the bed ideal for every dog type, whether they have the occasional accident, or an unrelenting desire to destroy everything in the house.

Each cover is also entirely removable and machine washable, making regular cleaning a simple task. The solid 4-inch memory foam helps to provide a comfortable night’s rest for your pet, while the bed’s non-skid bottom keeps it exactly where you put it – unless your furry friends decide to take it for a walk.

Available in a variety of sizes, there is a bed to suit dogs and cats of all sizes. There are even suitable beds for animals who like to share a single space. Furthermore, the choice of gray or brown ensures that there is a bed to blend perfectly with your home decor.


Veterinarians suggest a dog bed should be one of the first things you buy for your pet. With a bed of their own, dogs (and cats) reap several health benefits, that include:

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  1. Pain Relief – This is especially true for older and overweight dogs who are at an increased risk of arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions. Dog beds prevent any part of your dog’s body from resting on the hard floor, thus cushioning them from unnecessary pain.
  2. Insulation – Whether it’s summer or winter, a dog bed will protect your pet from the changing temperature reflected in the floorboards. In addition, cats and dogs have a natural nesting instinct when the temperatures drop. A bed of their own will allow them to act on these feelings.
  3. Sense of Security – You pet needs a place of his or her own. This is a safe space they can escape to when they feel nervous and upset. A pet bed can provide this comfort.
  4. Injury Prevention – As dogs and cats grow older, jumping onto human beds and furniture becomes more difficult. A low-lying bed will provide your pet with a soft space to sleep, without risking injury from jumping or falling.

So how should you choose a bed for Fido? Forget the cheap crates or easy-to-tear beds and provide your pets with a comfortable, more durable place to rest. Just as memory foam has improved sleep patterns for millions of humans, it can do the same for your pet.


The PetFusion Pet Bed is the perfect way to give your cat or dog the rest and relaxation they deserve.

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