Lean Laundry: 7 Slim Laundry Bags For Small Spaces

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* Laundry bags for saving space around your home
* Smart designs include collapsible origami, rolling and hanging laundry bags
* Ideal for students and space tight city dwellers

If you’re tight on space with nowhere to store a bulky laundry basket, we have a selection of laundry bags that save space. These laundry bags are especially useful for those who prefer options that take up a minimal amount of room. Our list includes off-the-ground bags, collapsible bags and hampers that have their own wheels for ease of movement. Whether you’re looking to gain a few extra feet of floor space around the bedroom or trying to encourage other family members to take to putting dirty clothes in a bag, there’s a space-efficient option for everyone.

1. Cart & Supply Coin Laundry Hamper

This durable nylon hamper makes transporting your laundry easy with its comfortable one-load size and easy-to-carry handles. When not being used, the bag can easily fold down into a flat circle. The construction material is both rip and tear resistant, and the hamper comes in four different colors. You also get a free protective bag for washing your lingerie and delicate items.

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Cart & Supply Coin Laundry Hamper


2. Household Essentials Canvas Laundry Bag

Capable of holding up to two complete loads of washing, this rectangular laundry hamper comes with a metal rim and hook for easy off-the-ground hanging. These hooks can also be removed when required. Ideal for closets, apartments, dorms and traveling, the bag also features a full-zippered back for easy access to your clothes. The patented design is available in both black and white.

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Household Essentials Canvas Laundry Bag



3. Amalb Laundry Basket

Constructed from a tough, natural linen, this classy lightweight basket is ideal for fitting into classier interiors. With two large handles, carrying your washing from your bedroom to the laundry is simple. The sealable lid ensures your clothes stay in the bag and out of view. The basket also boasts an impressive size, capable of carrying up to four loads of laundry, while the flexible exterior means it can be folded up and stored away when not in use.

laundry basket bag hamper slim small spaces folding linen Image courtesy of Amazon

Amalb Laundry Basket


4. The Fine Living Company Hanging Laundry Hamper

This laundry hamper is designed to hang from the back of your door or inside your wardrobe. The “dunkable” design is a great way to get everyone to put their clothes inside – kids and adults alike. The bag also features a bottom zip to make unloading your dirty clothes into the washing machine much easier. For your convenience, this space-enabling bag comes with free over-the-door hooks.  

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The Fine Living Company Hanging Laundry Hamper

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5. Healthline Trading Origami Bag

You don’t have to be an origami lover to love this clever little laundry bag. The smart folding design makes storing this hamper simple when it’s not in use. When you need it, fold it open in a few easy steps. The smart design also features a transforming storage hole that once filled, flips up to become the bag’s handles. The durable PVC plastic makes this bag a great choice for places where cleaning may be required.

laundry basket bag hamper slim small spaces origami folding plastic Image courtesy of Amazon

Healthline Trading Origami Bag



6. Zero Jet Lag Collapsible Laundry Hamper

A major advantage of this sturdy, freestanding hamper is the built-in wheels that make transporting your washing much easier. This is especially useful for elderly or disabled homemakers who might struggle with carrying other bags. The hamper also features a strapped mesh top to prevent clothes from falling out. In addition, the large basket sports waterproof fabric and a collapsible design for easy storage when not in use.

laundry basket bag hamper slim small spaces slide canvas rolling Image courtesy of Amazon

Zero Jet Lag Collapsible Laundry Hamper


7. Household Essentials Lifter Hamper

The Lifter Hamper is another wheeled basket with an additional spring-loaded mechanism to help with unloading your clothes into the washing machine. As you put clothes in the basket, the bungee powered mechanism lowers the bag down to increase the capacity. As you empty the basket, the mechanism works in reverse to ensure there’s no need to overstretch as you remove your clothes. The wheels are multi-directional, and when you aren’t using the hamper, it’s easily folded down and stored away. This is an ideal basket for expecting mothers, the elderly and those with bad backs.

laundry basket bag hamper slim small spaces lifter rolling Image courtesy of Amazon

Household Essentials Lifter Hamper


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