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Dual-Purpose Print: This Laundry Room Wall Art Actually Helps You Not Destroy Your Clothes

* Wall art can make your laundry room a more pleasant place
* This piece from Society6 explains all the symbols found on clothing tags
* The laundry print can be ordered in five sizes

For most people, laundry rooms are tiny spaces hidden away from the eyes of guests. But you actually visit the area multiple times a week for the unpleasant necessity of washing your clothes. So why not make your chores slightly more pleasant by installing some laundry room decor? Whether you paint your space a cheery color or add a bit of wall art, decor can make the difference between loving and hating your house work.

If you’re looking for laundry room decor ideas, look no further than this dual-purpose print from Society6. Not only does it look clean and modern when hung on the wall, it will also help you to not destroy your clothes during the washing process.

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Image courtesy of Society6

The print shows all the little symbols you sometimes see on clothing tags, and it gives their meaning in an easy-to-read format. Did you know the iron with three dots means you can press your garment with high temperatures? Or that a circle with one dot means tumble dry on low heat? If you hang up this wall print, you will learn all this magic laundry code and more.

This piece of laundry wall art from Society6 can be customized to meet your laundry room needs. The print comes with a 1-inch border that’s ideal for framing, and it’s available in five different sizes from mini (8 inches by 10 inches) to extra large (28 inches by 36 inches).

Furthermore, each piece is a gallery quality Giclée print on a natural white, ultra smooth background of 100% cotton. Additionally, the use of acid and lignin-free archival paper and Epson K3 archival inks mean this print will last for years without yellowing or breaking.


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