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Wash & Learn: 6 Best Specialty Laundry Detergents

* For hard-to-clean items
* Odor busting detergent for athletic wear
* Specialty detergents for denim, silk, wool & cashmere

Not all laundry detergents are created equal. In fact, some of the best laundry detergents aren’t even found on the shelves at your local grocer. Here are six options to expand your cleaning arsenal.

1. Fashion Care SPLASH 8.4 oz swimsuit wash chlorine removal 

Fashion Care SPLASH Detergent is specially formulated for cleaning swimsuits. It neutralizes and removes chlorine, salt and suntan lotion and oils to keep your swimwear looking like new.


2. WIN Sports Detergent

Today’s fitness and activewear uses modern materials. So, yesterday’s detergent just won’t do. That’s why there’s WIN Sports Detergent. It kills the bacteria and removes odor causing oils that clings to athletic apparel so you don’t have to smell sweaty before your workout even begins.


3. The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo

Specialty fabrics like wool and cashmere require specialty detergent like that from The Laundress. This shampoo safely and effectively cleans wool and cashmere, preserving the natural lanolin oils and keeping yarns soft. Plus the cedar scent naturally repels bugs and moths.

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4. Mr. Black Denim Wash

Mr. Black Denim Wash is a unique, enzyme-free detergent designed specifically to clean and maintain denim quality. It uses plant-derived ingredients that break and rinse away dirt while keeping denim in premium condition. Made in Australia.

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5. Heritage Park Lingerie Detergent For Delicates & Silk

Protect your luxury intimates with Heritage Park lingerie Detergent for Delicates & Silk. Its concentrated formula is fragrance-free and cleans without causing any damage. Gentle on garments made of silk as well as heirloom linens.


6. Summer Verbena Towel Wash

No one wants to use a smelly towel. Fortunately, Summer Verbena Towel Wash freshens them right up with an eco-friendly wash, bleach-free solution, and lovely summer verbena fragrance.

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