Relax and Zone out with Your Trippy New Lava Lamp

Lava Lamps
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Lava lamps may seem like a must-have item for dorm rooms and those who like to partake in ‘funny’ cigarettes, but they’re much more than a kitschy throwback to the 1970s. They are that as well, but lava lamps are also a great way to create a calm and relaxing environment for sleeping and working. Plus, they look really cool, man.

According to, different lights can have a significant impact on our feelings and ability to relax or become energized. Blue light helps with feeling alert and is excellent to use when we need to work, read, or learn. Warm light is best for reading for relaxation and when it’s time to quiet our minds and get ready for bed. If you’re looking for a light to use at nighttime, red light provides comfort and a feeling of safety, making it a great addition to an adult or child’s bedroom.

The lava lamps we’ve included on our list all feature different colors that can help with energizing and relaxing, but the rest is up to you. Don’t harsh your lava lamps’ buzz.


1. Creative Motion Black Base Liquid Peace Motion Lamp

With a black base and top and a red and yellow lava and wax combination, the Creative Motion Black Base Liquid Peace Motion Lamp is an excellent option for anyone looking for a lamp that appears to have ‘real’ lava inside. The lamp measures 16 inches and runs on an R14 bulb.

Pros: The Creative Motion is a perfect option for kids who want a lamp with ‘real’ lava.

Cons: The lamp can get warm to the touch, so it’s not ideal for homes with small children or pets.

Creative Motion Black Base Liquid Peace Motion Lamp Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Schylling Colormax Lava Lamp with Galaxy Decal Base

Stargazers and fans of all things space-related will love the Schylling Colormax Lava Lamp with Galaxy Decal Base. The 14.5-inch lamp has silver star glitter in clear liquid that is lit up by the various colors of the lamp’s bulb. The intergalactic theme is finished off with an aluminum base and cap that features a galaxy decal.

Pros: The 25-watt bulb included with the lamp emits a soft and relaxing light that works great as a night light.

Cons: The Schylling does not have the floating wax blobs of a traditional lava lamp.

Schylling Colormax Lava Lamp with Galaxy Decal Base Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Original Brand Lava Lamp

An authentic lava lamp brand, the Original Brand Lava Lamp has all the features of a classic lava lamp, including a silver base and top, purple liquid and soothing yellow lava.

Pros: The 14.5” inch lamp has a 20 oz capacity and comes with a 25-watt bulb.

Cons: The liquid may get cloudy after some time, but this can be fixed by running the lamp for an extended period.

Original Brand Lava Lamp Image courtesy of Amazon