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This Leather Key Chain Stylishly Stores Your Keys & Headphones

* Handmade from 100% soft genuine leather
* Organize wires in your purse, pocket, car or home
* Great for earbuds and small wired accessories

Most of you reading this know the dreaded “no, not again” feeling when you reach in your purse, bag or backpack and your earbuds are yet again, in a tangled mess. The forward-thinking folks at Hide & Drink came up with a practical solution for those pesky wires: the Key Chain & Headphone Wrap. It offers an innovative way to keep your earbuds as well as other small wired accessories organized and secure; and as a key chain, it also serves as storage for your keys — keeping both items at the same place and readily accessible whenever you need them.

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Boasting superior craftsmanship, the key chain is handmade from 100% soft genuine leather and the rustic leather improves with age and usage. Their rustic leather is created through a rigorous process and placed in a container filled with new oils, coloring and preservatives where each leather piece takes on its own unique markings and personality.

When the finishing process is complete, each item is handcrafted by locals of Pastores, Guatemala which is also the location of their workshop. If you can’t already tell, Hide & Drink takes their leather production and design very seriously so it’s only natural for them to treat their accessories with the utmost attention and refinement. Caring for your leather key chain is easy: simply condition it with mineral oil or beeswax leather conditioner to keep it in pristine shape.

Stylish as it is functional, this elevated leather key chain & headphone wrap is a must-have item for anyone looking to organize their wired accessories and keys — and look good doing so.

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