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Save Money On Your Electric Bill With These LED Bulbs

Switching out your old incandescent or regular bulbs to LED ones is a great way to save money as LEDs last longer and use less energy than other types of lighting. They also require much less wattage than CFL or incandescent bulbs which is what makes them more energy-efficient.

What To Consider Before Buying LED Bulbs

That old joke format that runs “How many X does it take to change a lightbulb” is not only mean to the group it’s lampooning, but it’s also a little unfair to lightbulbs, too. Sure, twisting out a bulb and replacing it is pretty easy, but actually choosing the best LED bulb takes some work. For one, you want to ensure the bulb will physically fit in the space it’s supposed to go in. Plus, you’ll want to consider factors like lumens, which refers to the bulb’s brightness, as well as color — do you need a bright daylight bulb or something softer? Another factor to look at is if the bulbs are dimmable. If you have a dimmer switch, you’ll want to make sure it’s compatible with the best dimmable LED bulbs.

How We Chose the Best LED Bulbs

Below we have featured some highly-rated and energy-efficient LED bulb options. These bulbs are all versatile and will provide different types of lighting depending on your needs. For example, some of them are small and narrow to fit in unusual fixtures. We also picked out different lighting styles. There are warm soft light options for relaxing everyday light, as well as daylight options for a bright and energizing atmosphere. Perfect for use in table or floor lamps, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, these bulbs also offer extraordinary, long-lasting lifespans. These are the best LED bulbs to buy.

1. TCP LED Light Bulbs

TCP’s LED Light Bulbs come in a pack of six energy-efficient, 9-watt bulbs that will provide instant light to any room. Ideal for table and floor lamps in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and hallways or ceiling fixtures, these bulbs are a perfect replacement for standard 60-watt incandescent household bulbs. What’s more, they emit a soft white color which is perfect for indoor lighting as it mimics the glow of standard incandescent bulbs.

Pros: These high-quality bulbs have a long-lasting lifespan of about 18 years or 20,000 hours based on three hours of use per day.

Cons: These bulbs are not compatible with dimmer switches.

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2. Philips LED A19 Light Bulbs

The Philips LED Light Bulb provides 800 lumens of soft white light that, in color-temperature speak, provides a relaxing, everyday light. These bulbs are frosted and last 10x longer than traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs and are expected to deliver up to 10 years of light, saving you the cost of frequent bulb replacement. These bulbs also provide instant illumination the second you flip the switch and are available in multiple light temperatures to suit any mood or purpose.

Pros: Philips LED bulbs are eco-friendly and mercury-free so they won’t contribute to hazardous waste.

Cons: After long periods of use, these bulbs may start to make a slight humming noise.

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3. SYLVANIA Smart+ Wi-Fi Full Color Dimmable A19 LED Light Bulb

It’s always a party with these full-color bulbs from Sylvania. They’re compatible with WiFi, so you can change up the color of the lighting using your phone or even your voice assistant. Since there’s no required hub, set up is a breeze. You can also set timers using the app, to make it look like you’re home when you’re away, without having to leave the lights on the whole time. Four A19 bulbs are included in this set.

Pros: Full-color. Customizable in the app. Set of four included.

Cons: Can take some work to get the bulbs to sync during initial setup.

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4. SYLVANIA LED A19 Light Bulb

Are all of your bulbs going out at once? Maybe it’s a ghost, or maybe it’s a sign that it’s time to upgrade to these bulbs from Sylvania. They come in a pack of 24, making them a good way to light a bigger home, or simply stock up on a good value. These are designed as a replacement for standard 60W bulbs. They’re available in either soft white or daylight.

Pros: Bulk option. Replaces standard 60W bulbs, but runs much more efficiently. Soft white or daylight colors.

Cons: Some options last longer.

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5. Philips LED Frosted Light Bulb

Set the mood with these Philips LED bulbs, which are dimmable and design to work smoothly and flicker-free with your dimmer switch. Plus, the soft white lighting creates a natural and inviting glow. These bulbs are designed to be energy efficient, and they are Energy Star certified. The bulbs come in a pack of six.

Pros: Pack of six. Dimmable lights work with dimmer switches. Soft white light for inviting glow.

Cons: Not compatible with Philips Hue.

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6. AmazonBasics LED Light Bulbs

The AmazonBasics LED Bulb Set will create a comfortable atmosphere in any indoor space with their 60-watt equivalent, soft white LED’s. These bulbs generate a calm, yellowish glow for a warm, cozy feel making them a great option for any bedroom, living room, family or dining room. With a lifespan of 15,000 hours, the bulbs will last over 13 years (with regular use) and provide light almost immediately when turned on.

Pros: For their affordable price point, these bulbs are an effective option and will end up saving you money in the long run.

Cons: The bulb shape may be larger than other standard size LED’s but still work the same.

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