This Design-Inspired Lamp Will Change The Way You Turn On The Lights

LED lamp hcwd studio brick portable
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* Cordless LED lamp that activates when flipped over
* Designed by HCWD Studio to transform a quotidian routine
* Sleek walnut finish combines modern design with classic decor

Designed to change the way you turn on the lights, the Brick Lamp is an innovative LED product that is activated when raised from a face down position. This HCWD Studio invention beautifully captures the moment between light and darkness, turning a quotidian routine into something extraordinary.

Rather than using a switch, the lamp itself normally lies facedown on any firm and horizontal surface. To turn the lamp on, simply lift the device and place it on its side or flip it completely to allow the light to shine up. To turn it off again, all you have to do is turn it over to conceal the bulb. The slightly angled sides serve a dual function. First, they create natural handles for gripping the light. Second, they work to direct the rays of light downward instead of straight across.

This walnut version is particularly classy. Made from a single piece of wood, the exterior is treated with a clear stain for an elegant finish. It’s a utility-focused piece of art.

For your convenience, the Brick Lamp was created as a cordless device. The USB charger can power the lamp and charge the lithium-ion battery at the same time. Once charged, the battery can provide five hours of continuous light.

HCWD Studio, the design firm responsible for the Brick Lamp, was created by Hsin-Chun Wang and Ye Liu and is now based in New York City. As a team, these two young professionals strive to redefine the use of everyday objects. Dedicated to combining elegance with functionality, HCWD Studio is challenging the principals of modern interior decor.

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