How to Grow An Indoor Garden Using LED Light

This LED Garden Will Grow Your
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* Built-in automatic light controller
* Helpful water gauge to determine how much water you have left 
*Grow herbs like basil, thyme and parsley; succulents and cacti plants

Did you know that gardening helps reduce stress and promotes a happier mood? You don’t have to be an expert to create your very own garden; you don’t have to own a plot of land outdoors either. The Spigo Indoor LED Garden makes it easy to grow your favorite herbs, succulents and cacti plants — all with minimal effort and know-how.

Whether you’re an avid gardener or looking to brush up on your gardening skills, maintaining one or even several plants will become your favorite hobby. It’s also great for decorating and can help absorb pollutants by releasing oxygen and clean air into your home.

LED Garden Spigo

So how does it work? Everything is grown through advanced LED light.

Assemble the water gauge by installing the cotton rope to the base; then, apply soil or dirt in your pot and plant your seeds. Ensure you have enough water in the reservoir by checking the water gauge. Finally, switch on the LED light. Once the LED light is on, the smart garden will automatically set a grow light cycle through its automated control “888” system — 8 hours for white light, 8 hours for grow light and 8 hours of turn off. Not a fan of the color or brightness? Adjust your preference with just a tap of the button.

Easy-to-use with an elegant aesthetic, this one-of-a-kind LED grower is a welcomed gift for anyone, at any age, from kids learning about gardening, to family and friends who are plant enthusiasts. It also makes a stunning addition to your office desk or kitchen countertop.

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