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Capture the Magic of Springtime With This LED Pear Blossom Tree

* Decorative tree installation brings outdoor space to life
* 600 LED pear blossom lights illuminate the tree
* Suitable for use inside or outside the house

Illuminate your home with this stunning piece from Lightshare. Designed to bring elegance to any area of the house, you’re sure to adore the flowery ambience created by this spring-inspired addition.

At 8 feet high, the Big Blossom Tree is capable of capturing everyone’s attention. Each of the 600 white and warm white LED pear blossom lights plays its part in creating a calming and tranquil environment for you to enjoy.

The strong black trunk provides a stable base, which attaches to 4 ground stakes in order to provide additional stability for use in outside conditions. You might choose to use it in your garden or even during an outdoor wedding reception.

In addition, assembly is as simple as connecting the upper and lower parts of the trunk together, so you’ll be ready to take in the beautiful ambiance without any hassle.

To ensure you get exactly the tree you want, remember that the blossom tree comes in three different color arrangements. These are the standard blossom tree, the cherry blossom and the frosted ball tree.

This tree decor is especially ideal for those who find themselves stuck in the city while missing the natural shapes of flower trees. Attractive during the day and magical at night, the pear blossom LED tree is sure to elicit a few oohs and ahhs from you and your guests.

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