Perfectly Store Your Favorite Lip Glosses in These Top-of-the-Line Organizers

best lip gloss organizer
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When it comes to storing large amounts of makeup, specifically designed organizers for each product are the ideal solution. Lip glosses and lipsticks are probably one of the easiest and fastest accruing makeup products we own and it would benefit your vanity, and your sanity, to get them stored in the chicest way possible.

Below are some of our favorite lip gloss organizers that are capable of holding up to 64 of your favorite individual lip glosses. Made from the always stylish and durable crystalline acrylic material, these organizers come as either standalone cubes with 24 slots that are designed for taller lip glosses and lipsticks, or as a rotating and space-saving unit that will hold up to 64 lip products with adjustable and removable dividers up top.

One of the best things about these lip storage solutions is their ability to hold more than just lip products. They are also perfect for organizing your lip and eye pencils, rollerball perfumes, mascara and brow products and even as a place for storing your favorite jewelry pieces.


1. By Alegory Acrylic Lip Gloss Organizer

By Alegory’s Lip Gloss Organizer is made from premium crystalline acrylic, mimicking the look of glass and features 24 slots, allowing you to keep all your lip glosses in one place. Designed with beveled edges resulting in no sharp areas, this organizer is ideal for taller lipglosses, lipsticks, and other various beauty items, and tailored to match a wide range of decor styles.

Pros: This organizer is made from a single mold with no glued pieces.

Cons: The makeup organizer may be too tall to store regular-sized lipsticks.

lipgloss holder byalegory Courtesy of Amazon


2. Ikee Design Rotating Lipstick Holder

The Rotating Lipstick Holder by Ikee Design holds 16 lipsticks in the top tray with an adjustable and removable divider and has 4 sides of lipstick storage. The compartments on the sides are angled to keep the lipsticks in place and are deep to accommodate longer and thinner lipsticks and glosses. This organizer is unique in that it rotates to help you find what you need fast, takes up a small amount of space and is made from premium clear acrylic to help you always find what you need.

Pros: In addition to lip products, this holder can hold roller balls of perfumes or essential oils.

Cons: Lipsticks will not fit in the lip gloss slots.

lipgloss organizer ikee design Courtesy of Amazon


3. Mordoa Lip Gloss Holder and Organizer

The Mordoa Lip Gloss Holder makes organizing lip liners, mascaras, lip glosses, and any other beauty items easy and convenient. It features 24 slots and is made from durable clear acrylic that is stronger than glass, impact-resistant and makes locating your items easy. Its taller sides prevent your lip products from falling over and is affordable enough to buy in multiples for your entire makeup stash.

Pros: Great for storing brow gels, eye and lip pencils and concealers.

Cons: This organizer comes with a clear film that requires peeling off which requires some delicacy to avoid scratching the unit.

lip gloss organizer mordoa Courtesy of Amazon